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5 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your E-commerce Store

You own that secret weapon if you hold a powerful online presence in today’s digital era. How wonderful if would be if the customers being able to reach your business anytime, anywhere? Yes, consistency and hardwork will help you achieve that too. Every other person is leveraging the power of social media today, but don’t you think it’s amazing to have your own special home? I am talking about owning your website – your place of the online world. As the word website came, we cannot miss the king of the town, Wordpress. It’s been majorly used by the people today including the titans such as Disney, Variety, BBC America. Precisely, over 42.7% of all websites run on Wordpress as of 2023 data. They all trust Wordpress heavily and consider it as their go-to tool. Thinking of using Wordpress for your e-commerce store is a great option as its flexible in nature.
You must be thinking it would require your tech expertise but no, you can simply handle it with the right tools and make your dream website go live.
Oh, there’s more to it? Well, yes! If you want to build your very first online store, then Wordpress is your go-to option.
Want to know more about it?
Fret not!
I have listed 5 super cool reasons why you should totally consider leveraging Wordpress for your online store development.
Let’s dive in!

Why Choose Wordpress for your E-commerce Store?

1. It’s Free!

The king, Wordpress arrived in 2003 with the incredible work done by some tech wizards. It’s shocking to know that it’s free of cost and open-source. Sometimes we are under a situation where we have tight budgets but this doesn’t stop you as you also can build your own ecommerce store without using your savings.
How is it done?
You have given two choices with Wordpress. One is you can go with a free theme to design your entire website. While, you can choose a premium one if you can afford it. Let’s just get straight to the point. The premium version offers you a great website design with some amazing features, updates that keeps your website safe, and expert’s assistance whenever you feel stuck.
But, I have the budget constraint, so how does it serves me?
Free themes are super cool as well, but you need to get some plugins installed to make them do wonders.

2. Custom-based Solutions

Suppose you own a basic Wordpress e-commerce site with a great header with navigation, an attractive blog layout, and a widget sidebar.
That’s typical, but here’s the best part. Consider wordpress your dream place to play. The handy widgets are your personal customization tools. You can customize anything from shopping carts to groups, categories, price range, and the special offers that you give. After all, its your ecommerce site, you rule it your way!

3. Seo-friendly

Who doesn’t want to rule the search engine pages? Rankings are an effective factor. In order to do that, you need to customize your every page of your e-commerce SEO, write seo friendly titles, emta descriptions, and also optimize the URLs. With the right assistance of SEO plugins you get with Wordpress, you can go further optimizing your webpages and rank on top.

4. Impressive Plugin – WooCommerce

The choice of a reliable e-commerce solution is crucial in the world of online stores. And now for the main attraction: WooCommerce is a plugin that quickly and easily converts your WordPress website into an operational online store. It’s the ideal solution for opening your store in no time.

Once WooCommerce is up and running, it acts as your online store’s ultimate organizer and is easy to use. The fun aspect? WooCommerce isn’t just any tool; it’s the reliable partner that drives a whopping 40.6% of all online stores in the world.

This juggernaut can improve your e-commerce game with its wealth of features and collection of both free and commercial extensions. The best thing, though? It’s always producing new updates and improvements, like a well-kept garden. Therefore, you may rely on it to maintain your online store flourishing.

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5. It can run almost anywhere!

The upside of using WordPress for your online store is that you are the owner of the hosting setup. WordPress will perform well in any hosting environment and can even be migrated from one server to another without any problem, making it the versatile hero of the web.

Managed WordPress comes with specialized features like a backup schedule, themes and wordpress plugins, security certificate, and traffic allowance, successfully offering you everything you require to build a fully operational, ready-to-go business website.

It’s additionally essential to note that WordPress-compatible hosting usually less expensive than hosting designed specifically for online stores. Whatever type of hosting you need—shared, VPS, cloud, or dedicated—there are many options available, with prices to suit any budget.

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To Sum Up!

WordPress, as we’ve discovered, is a strong and versatile platform that offers a simple beginning and smooth operation for starting an e-commerce business. WordPress emerges as the one-stop shop for everything connected to WordPress e-commerce development, from simple integration with WooCommerce to affordable hosting and adaptable customization options. WordPress gives you the freedom to design an all-encompassing e-commerce experience that exactly matches your vision, regardless of the nature of your online store.

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