Why Is My Vape Tank Leaking Through The Airflow Holes?

Why Is My Vape Tank Leaking Through The Airflow Holes?

Spitting, popping and leaking are all part of vaping, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can do many things to keep these mishaps to a minimum. Whether you are using a rebuildable atomiser, or a regular vape tank that is filled with any high-quality flavours like Elf Bar Flavours or even a pod vape, the tips below shall help ensure a smoother experience and are also applicable to various devices. 

Nothing is worse than spilling your favourite e-juice all over the device or your hands. Many manufacturers have come up with redesigning some of their modern tanks to combat leaking and other such nuances like the hot pops or spitting back.  

What Is Leaking?

Leaking occurs when your e-liquid escapes from your vape tanks, generally through the airflow system. Dependent on the reason, the leaking can range from a few drops of vape juice to seeing your tank getting empty of all its content over your vape mod. You don’t want your Apple Peach Elf Bar Flavour to be wasted in that way, so here we come in.

This is a common issue even with the most technologically advanced sub-ohm tanks. Best sellers from last year have been troubling users with limited leakage events. This is due to design oversights or even common human errors. However, many new vape tanks are now being designed to prevent leakage of your Elf Bar Flavours; still, no tanks are 100% leakproof.

There are some common culprits; the good news is that there are also multiple ways to prevent and curb leakage from happening.

Preventing Leakage:

First off, let’s begin with general tips and then move into details.

Check Seals:

Always ensure that your tank is fastened up together properly and tightly. Sometimes when a person is in a hurry, they might cross-thread the cap or even forget to screw it together properly. This will cause the juice to leak out of the openings. First, ensure all the threads are in sync and closed properly, but not too tightly. Search for that sweet spot; if the threads get crossed, try and screw it all back carefully.

E-juice And Chimney:

Vape tanks come with a central airflow tube, which runs from the tank’s body up to the drip tip; this is known as the chimney. Sometimes e-juice can get inside the chimney by accident, eventually leaking and gurgling. If this is the case with your device, clean it with a paper towel before you vape again. In this way, you will eventually get your Elf Bar Flavours boost to the pinnacle and enjoy vaping without any leakage of e-liquids.

Keeping It Upright:

Some vape tanks are not designed to handle the pressure being on their side for extended periods. If you leave the vape tanks in such positions overnight, e-liquids can start seeping out from the airflow holes. Keep your vapes in vertical positions if you don’t plan on using them for long periods. Apple Peach Elf Bar flavours can be saved by keeping the positions on the go. Do not get into the habit of laying your vape devices down constantly, or you might have to deal with the inevitable leakage.

Check Airflow:

It is advised to ensure that all airflow holes are fully covered when you are filling up your e-liquids. While in use, ensure all the airflow points are open to let you vape without struggling to take stronger inhales. If you have to inhale forcefully, you risk injecting too much e-liquid into the vape coils, leading to leakage. After you control such issues, you can grab your Elf Bar Flavours from any virtual or physical vape shop.

Final Word:

All of these are general and everyday tips to ensure your favourite e-juices are safe from leaking through the airflow holes and other places. Leakage of e-liquids is not only a waste of tasty, flavourful vape juice, but it is also a headache to clean out your device repeatedly and then refill it. Follow the above tips to ensure an uneventful vaping session.

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