why is my septic tank bubbling outside

If you’re wondering why there are bubbles outside your septic tank when your toilet is bubbling, it’s unlikely that the septic system itself is the direct cause. Septic systems are usually hidden beneath a layer of soil.

The more probable explanation for your question why is my septic tank bubbling outside could be related to condensation forming on cold water pipes during hot days. This might clarify why you’re observing water outside your septic tank and questioning the source of the issue.

Several potential factors may contribute to the bubbling outside your septic tank, leading to the common question, “Why is water coming out of my septic tank?”

  1. Blocked Drainfield

If the drain field is obstructed, it can impede proper drainage, causing the septic tank to overflow and result in bubbling.

  1. Root Infiltration

Tree roots may infiltrate the septic tank or pipes, causing blockages and bubbling issues.

  1. Vehicle Damage

Driving over the septic system area can lead to pipe breakage, blockages, and subsequent bubbling problems.

  1. Lack of Maintenance

Infrequent septic tank pumping or poor maintenance can lead to the buildup of solids, disrupting normal functioning and causing bubbling.

  1. Cold Temperatures

 Inadequate insulation or exposure to cold temperatures can impact the septic tank’s performance, potentially causing bubbling.

  1. High Water Table

A high water table, especially after excessive rainfall or snowmelt, may cause the septic tank to overflow and result in bubbling.

  1. Chemical Overload

Pouring excessive amounts of harmful chemicals down the drain can upset the bacterial balance in the septic tank, leading to issues like bubbling.

  1. System Overload

Overuse of garbage disposals or a sudden increase in household occupants can overwhelm the septic system, causing bubbling concerns. Regular maintenance and responsible usage are crucial to prevent such overloads.

What actions should I take when i hear water constantly running into a septic tank?

When a continuous influx of water is observed entering the septic tank, it strongly indicates a potential obstruction in the drain field, impeding the proper drainage of outlet water.

Several factors may contribute to this problem, including roots infiltrating the pipes, damage from vehicles driving over the pipe area, and inadequate maintenance of the septic tank, particularly the absence of regular pumping.

The initial course of action involves identifying and addressing the blockage, with the hope that the drainfield hasn’t reached a state of contamination necessitating a complete replacement.

It is imperative to engage a specialized septic tank installer to inspect the system, assess the extent of the issue, and recommend appropriate solutions.

What Can I add to my toilet bubbling septic tank?

Indeed, the substances introduced into the septic tank contain abundant bacteria. These bacteria have adapted and flourished over the years, thriving in conditions that match the ground temperatures and wastewater composition.

Nevertheless, if your household experiences high occupancy, regularly employs a garbage disposal, and has a suboptimal septic tank setup exposed to cold temperatures every winter, it becomes essential to periodically pump the tank every few years. This process is necessary to eliminate accumulated solids.

What to Do When Facing Toilet Bubbling Septic Tank Issues

When confronted with the issue of a continuously running septic tank, the recommended action is to seek the assistance of professional septic tank cleaning services. Experts in this field can excavate the top of the septic tank, access the designated hole, and pump out several thousand gallons of accumulated liquid.

The extracted material is then transferred to a sizable tank truck and transported to an appropriate disposal facility. Following this process, the excess fluid in the leaching field typically diminishes.

In certain cases, septic cleaning professionals may opt to add additional soil to the reconstructed leaching field, enhancing its size and absorbency. This additional step can be a potentially costly measure, often encountered in older homes with septic systems built decades ago.

If you’re grappling with such problems, affordable septic cleaning solutions provided by Leave it too us can assist in resolving overflowing septic issues at very reasonable rates.

Final Thoughts

To ensure the well-being of your tank, it is crucial to refrain from introducing inappropriate items such as paints, solvents, strong chemicals (like drain cleaners), feminine products, paper, and tissues (except toilet tissue specifically designed for septic systems).

For the best septic health, we strongly advocate the regular use of a septic treatment system. Let Leave it too us address all your septic tank bubbling concerns with its cost-effective septic treatment solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Septic Tank Bubbling:

  1. Why is my septic tank bubbling outside?
    • Answer: Bubbling outside the septic tank could be due to condensation on cold water pipes. However, common issues like a blocked drainfield, root infiltration, vehicle damage, lack of maintenance, cold temperatures, high water table, chemical overload, or system overload can cause water-related problems around the septic tank.
  2. What are common causes of septic tank issues?
    • Answer: Common causes include a blocked drainfield, root infiltration, vehicle damage, lack of maintenance, exposure to cold temperatures, high water table, chemical overload, and system overload. Regular maintenance, responsible usage, and prompt addressing of issues can prevent septic tank problems.

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