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Who Should Wear the Cat’s Eye Lehsuniya Gemstone and Why?

The Cat’s eye gemstone is a mystical gemstone that is praised for its beautiful appearance. The effect of vertical line in the stone resembles a cat’s eye, which is why this stone is called the Cat’s eye gemstone.

Mostly this gemstone is found in greenish leaf-like color but it can also be found in yellowish-green, brown, gray, or beige colors.

Commonly this gemstone is known as “Lehsuniya” in Hindi. As per Vedic Astrology, the ruling planet of the Cat’s eye stone is ‘Ketu’. People who want to get the positive effects of Ketu or want to reduce the negative effects of Ketu from their horoscope must wear the Cat’s eye.

Further, we will be discussing the benefits you will get from the cat’s eye gemstone, why you should consider buying it, and who should wear it.

Astrological Benefits of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

The cat’s eye stone benefits its wearer in a lot of aspects. For centuries, it is believed to have many astrological, physical, and spiritual advantages. So if you are looking to gain any of the benefits mentioned below, you should wear a cat’s eye gemstone:

The Cats eye gemstone increases focus and concentration in the person who wears it, helping him increase their intellectual power.

It helps the wearer with mental stability which leads to a reduction in confusion and indecision. Along with it, it also increases emotional stability helping the wear taking the right decisions for their relationships.

Another cat’s eye stone benefit includes reducing anxiety and depression. It also helps to keep the negative energies away which is why it is a great fit for those who experience anxiousness or have fears or have nightmares.

The cat’s eye is also known to awaken the person’s spiritual perspective. Leading him to have a better go at life.

The intuition power of a person also increases by wearing the cat’s eye gemstone, which helps its wearer neglect any negative influences.

This gemstone also helps the person to have financial and professional growth. It unlocks the doors which are causing troubles in professional life, encouraging opportunities to come which will lead to success.

The Cat’s Eye aka Lehsuniya gemstone is also believed to have a lot of healing properties. It helps with the digestive system, nervous system, and detoxification as well as improves vision and reduces any eye-related issues. It also relieves headaches and heals problems related to the liver, pancreas, lymph nodes, kidneys, etc.

So, if you are looking to gain all these benefits or have any of these health-related problems, you should wear this gem.

Which Zodiacs Should Wear the Cat’s Eye Stone?

As per the Vedic Astrologers, people born under the zodiac Aquarius or Capricorn should wear the cat’s eye gemstone.

The zodiac’s Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, and Libra can also wear this gemstone. Although, it is essential to consult an astrologer before wearing it. It is possible that it can have side effects if there is a problem in the person’s horoscope or if they are wearing another gemstone.

Therefore, you should ensure that the cat’s eye gemstone is compatible with your birth chart.

Also, since the planet associated with the cat’s eye gemstone is Ketu, if you are having any problems with Ketu, you should take full guidance from an astrologer on how to wear this gemstone and when.

Who Should Not Wear the Cat’s Eye Gemstone?

As per the experts, people with zodiac signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces should avoid this gemstone.

Indeed, if the ruling planet Ketu of this gemstone is situated in the second, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house of your horoscope chart, then you should not wear the cat’s eye gemstone.

Also, if you are wearing Topaz, pearl, or ruby gemstones, then you should not wear the cat’s eye gemstones.

Cat’s Eye Gemstone Price

The Cat’s eye gemstone is a beauty and is used in jewelry and decorative items around the world. Because of its natural occurrence and worldwide demand, this stone cost varies on a number of factors.

These factors include its color, clarity, fineness, weight, and cut. The starting cost of the cat’s eye gemstone is INR 700 per carat. It can go as high as lakhs of rupees.

Final Thoughts

The Cats Eye Gemstone is a beautiful gemstone known for its appearance like a cat’s eye. This gemstone with the vertical whitish line in its greenish solid color looks very attractive.

Along with its gorgeous look, this gemstone also holds extreme significance in astrology. Astrologers recommend an original cat’s eye gemstone to people who are seeking stability in their life.

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