Which Language Should All iOS App Developers in India Use?

Two things may occur if I yell “iOS or Android” in the midst of a crowd:                            

  • A sizable audience would applaud Android, wondering what all the commotion is about with iOS.
  • The iOS supporters who don’t care about alternative operating systems

Not to start a conflict, but this is not to argue that iOS is superior.

In reality, Apple has a reputation for being quite picky when approving applications. All applications must comply with its strict criteria in order to be accepted into the AppStore. The fascinating thing is that, despite the prominence of the iOS operating system and its more significant earning potential, companies continue to hire iOS app developers in India to create applications.

According to StatCounter Statistics, IOS devices account for 27% of all mobile devices connected to the internet. Additionally, approximately 2.22 million iOS applications are accessible on the Appstore, according to information released by Apple earlier this year.

The number of applications accessible in the top app stores as of the first quarter of 2021 is seen in the figure up top.

But iOS app developers must uphold the quality bar established for iOS applications if they want to bypass Apple’s terrifying approval standards. You may make this a breeze for yourself by choosing the best coding language for applications.

And there are many things to take into account for that, including the best talent pool, simplicity of learning and development, support for multiple platforms, scalability, development costs, and more.

Let’s look at the programming languages we have available.

  • Swift

There is an excellent probability that Swift will be your solution, regardless of how inexperienced you are with the world of iOS app development languages. One of the most popular languages for influencing the direction of iOS app development.

Swift has been one of the most well-known coding applications for iPhone programming languages since its release in 2014. Swift received almost three times as many votes as the previous year, placing it as the 11th most popular Language in the 2020 Tiobe Index for Swift.

Swift is a general-purpose programming language that is used to create high-caliber native iOS applications. It is intended to perform effectively with frameworks like Cocoa Touch and Cocoa.

Its main advantages are scalability, interoperability (particularly with objective-C), open-source, and rapid development. Along with ARC (Automatic Memory Arc), Swift app development offers data security throughout the development phase.  

  • Objective-C

The predecessor of Swift was this object-oriented programming language, which was created to expand the C object-oriented programming language. It was developed in 1998 and is still an all-purpose programming language that works with iOS and Mac OS. 

Before Swift, it was the primary Language for developing iOS applications.

Regarding readability, coding, execution speed, code maintenance, and other factors, there has always been a comparison between Objective C and Swift.

However, it has a few drawbacks that will render it somewhat outdated in 2021 as an iOS programming language.

It is challenging to learn since it isn’t available as an open-source language. Additionally, its lack of updates, limited functionality, and security problems hurt its appeal.

  • Flutter

Flutter, a well-liked programming language for applications, was created by Google in 2015 and formally released in 2017. It is a very flexible open-source programming tool that can be used to make programs for Google Fuchsia, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Both iOS and Android developers take into account Flutter since it enables the creation of visually pleasing and user-friendly cross-platform applications. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to this as well. Some of them include the fact that it is very time and cost-effective, offers complete customizability, has its own widgets, and is an open-source language; nonetheless, it still has a small and young talent pool.

  • C#

Microsoft developed the object-oriented, high-level programming language C# to react to Java. In fact, it is one of the most wanted programming languages and is comparable to Objective-C for Apple and Microsoft app development.

Additionally, according to a StackOverflow pool, C# is regarded as one of the universal coding languages in the world and is placed fifth in the Tiobe August 2021 ranking.

The fact that C# is an open-source language and helps intermediate- to advanced-level developers create iOS mobile apps is one of its benefits. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive library, facilitates cross-platform app development, has a large skill pool, and outperforms other coding languages regarding cost-benefit and integration. However, it has certain drawbacks, such as a subpar platform GUI and the fact that novices may need help understanding.   

  • HTML5

It was used with JavaScript and CSS by app developers while creating iOS apps. In fact, roughly 88.5% of all websites utilize HTML, according to W3techs.

Hybrid applications still provide reasonable browser control and render pages using a mix of HTML5 and CSS, despite not being as popular as native apps.

The fact that it supports several platforms is relatively affordable, is consistent across different browsers, enables offline browsing, and even raises your page rank are just a few of its advantages. Some disadvantages are that it only functions for hybrid app development, has a limited feature set, and could impact the responsiveness of designs. 

The Verdict

Swift will emerge as the top programming language for iOS in 2021 once all criteria are taken into account.


According to a StackOverflow study, several iOS languages may be placed above Swift for their many benefits. However, your priorities also play a role in it. It may be HTML5 for a short hybrid app and C# for a multi-platform development that incorporates Microsoft.

However, Swift tops the rankings for Apple and Apple goods. Choose an iPhone application development business-like company to assist you with your project if you need assistance with your iPhone app development services.

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