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What You Should Know Before Purchasing Vintage Jewellery.

Here's a paradox of fashion for you: old jewellery is quickly evolving into a very current look

Here’s a paradox of fashion for you: old jewellery is quickly evolving into a very current look. Like history, fashion has a tendency to repeat itself, so it’s not surprising that antique, art deco, and baroque pieces are making a comeback in today’s culture. Finding vintage jewellery, however, may be challenging. How can you tell what is genuine, how can you estimate a piece’s worth, and where do you even start looking for those hidden gems? This post will discuss how to locate vintage jewellery on Etsy and other online marketplaces as well as how to maximise your finds.

Start off widely

First, starting with a broad search is a smart idea. Don’t be intimidated when you type in a term like “vintage jewellery” and find hundreds of results. Start going through the results to get a sense of what’s available and to start defining the styles and elements you want. Are you familiar with the terms Baroque, Art Deco, Victorian, Gothic, Mid-Century, and Avant-Garde? You may choose names that suit your preferences and focus on your priorities by scrolling. Read the descriptions of the works after concentrating on the ones that call to you. The majority of Etsy vendors include thorough product descriptions so you know exactly what to anticipate from their jewellery. Note down the aspects of each item that appeal to you.

Focus your search.

After that, use those notes to inform your search criteria. Using the filter option on Etsy, you may narrow your search by style, price, material, colour, chain type, gemstone setting, and other criteria. You’ll be able to browse a much more focused list of results that have been carefully customised to your preferred style once you’ve chosen your favourite aspects.

Conduct research

When you’ve identified some items you adore, learn a little bit about the stores selling them. The number of pieces in stock is the single most critical indicator of whether a piece of jewellery is actually old and unique; if there are many sizes and colour possibilities or if there are many things in stock, it is less likely that the item is vintage. Although it is conceivable for vintage items to arrive in a collection, they are often discovered one at a time. They are unique because of how uncommon they are!



Look at some of the reviews to get a feel of if previous customers were happy with their antique purchases from the seller you’re considering. Etsy also encourages buyers to rate their purchases and interactions with sellers. Additionally, information on the piece’s origin, materials, state, and specifications like weight and size need to be available. Check out what has been publicly shared on the store’s website or social media pages, if they have either. You might be able to learn more about the shop’s sourcing practises and how they locate their antique products.

Purchase anything

Grab it after you’ve located what you’re looking for! Don’t pass up the opportunity to own the piece that appeals to you since authentic vintage jewellery is uncommon and distinctive.

How to Proceed After Discovering Your Vintage Jewellery

What should you do with your vintage jewellery now that you have it? When you add a previously owned item of jewellery to your collection, there are a few things you should do. Here are the fundamental actions we advise:

#1 Have your antique jewellery appraised

The good news is that you can ask to see a copy of the appraisal report if an Etsy shop owner had their jewellery appraised before selling it. By doing so, you can learn information about the jewelry’s dimensions and weight, the shape, cut, clarity, and carat of any gemstones, as well as its overall market value. An official appraisal is a useful tool if you want to insure your work since it may help you establish the piece’s authenticity so you know you’re receiving the genuine deal. You may easily have a professional jeweller do an assessment if your jewellery does not already have one.

#2 Insure your antique jewellery

If purchasing a piece of vintage jewellery sets costs you a significant sum of money, you should consider insure it. It’s always a pain to lose or damage a favourite piece of jewellery, but it’s more sad when the item is unique, has a rich past, or required a significant initial outlay. Make sure to bring the vintage item and your certified appraisal paperwork with you when you meet with your insurance.

#3 Adjust your jewelry’s size to fit.

It’s quite uncommon to locate an antique ring in your precise size, but if you do, buy us a lottery ticket. If you fall in love with a large vintage ring, it can slip off your finger and disappear. You can find it challenging to put the ring on and take it off safely if it’s too tiny. To protect your fingers and the jewellery, make sure to have your Etsy ring adjusted. You can always have a chain lengthened or shortened to fit you perfectly so that your vintage necklaces and bracelets fall where you want them to. You can also adjust other pieces of jewellery.

Get a thorough cleaning.

It seems logical that you’d want to maintain the antique jewellery set that you wear and love the most looking fresh and bright. Schedule a jewellery spa appointment for your cherished possessions, and a qualified jeweller will carefully clean your jewellery, examine it for damage, and even polish the surface. This may drastically alter the appearance of a piece of vintage jewellery and guarantee that it is in the greatest condition possible to be worn and cherished (again and again).

Enjoy wearing your vintage jewellery once you’ve given it the care and attention it deserves. A piece of vintage jewellery is a fantastic conversation starter, and you may impress everyone with your in-depth understanding of its history and significance. Remember to take good care of your vintage jewellery purchases to ensure that they survive for many years to come; in addition to routine cleaning and polishing, you can always give them a fresh appearance. To update them while preserving their rarity and history, try gold plating, rhodium plating, or gemstone substitution.

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