What Type of Salwar Suits Are in Style Now Women?

Among the many different types of Indian ethnic wear for women, the salwar kameez is the most popular and it is prefered for its style and comfort.

There are so many designs and lengths to choose from. And you can mix and match them to suit your tastes and personality.

A classic salwar suit is an outfit that combines a kameez (shirt), salwar (pants) and a dupatta (scarf). Since before the Indian independence, many different types of salwar suits have been worn all over the country.

In the new millennium, Bollywood fashion and western inspirations have made the designers come up with so many new styles.

The kameez can be either long or of medium length. While the salwar can be either a fitted or loose piece. The salwar suits are a craze in India, whether it is for the working women, female students or the elderly as well.

Not only is it a functional Indian attire, but its versatility makes it feature among the most preferred among all the Indian garbs.

Types of Salwar Suits for Women According to Body Shapes

Anarkali Suits

Anarkali suit is an outfit consisting of a full-skirted kameez worn with chooridar pants and dupatta. This style became really popular after the Bollywood film Mugh-e-Azam, and has been an evergreen style ever since.

The Anarkali churidar is regal and flowy and is very popular among most women. Styles that are a perfect blend of Indian and modern designs are great for weddings and parties, such as this ethnic wear at stylecaret.

Palazzo Suits

To achieve a harmonious blend of the popular western and Indian fashion, choose popular palazzo suits for they are extremely comfortable and stylish.

A long straight kameez matched with a pair of long, wide-legged pants that flare from the waist is called a palazzo suit.

This look is favored by the top Indian fashion designers, Bollywood celebrities, and every fashionista in India loves the palazzo suit.

Punjabi Suits

To get a classic and authentic salwar suit look, choose the Punjabi suit. All other types of salwar suits have been derived from this style.

This is an outfit that combines a knee length or longer kurta with pleated salwar pants and dupatta. The kameez in this look may also be short and well-fitted.

The salwar and dupatta can match the kameez or they can be of a contrasting color. This is an everyday look for many women in India, but it can also be an outfit for special occasions, especially when embellishments or fancy fabrics are added.

Try bright colors and silk for weddings. Be it your first week at college, an interview or meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time, the Punjabi suit is the perfect, fail-safe option.

Patiala Suits

Patiala suits are also a type of Punjabi salwar suit, in which the salwar is fuller and more pleated. The Patiala salwar is a beautiful choice that is pleated from the waist and has folds behind the legs.

Mostly the Patiala salwars are used to achieve a fun, unique look because of how generously pleated they appear. Add on an embroidered dupatta to these types of salwar suits for the chic factor. This is a great idea for wearing to college, kitty parties and at festivals like Teej and Rakhi.

Dhoti Suits

Dhoti suit is a traditional outfit that originated in north and central India. Traditionally, a dhoti is an unstitched piece of fabric that is wrapped around the waist and thighs to create a garment resembling loose pants.

However, these days pre-stitched dhotis are more common, worn with short kurtas. The dhoti salwar has numerous pleats that form a U-shape as the pleat runs from the front to the back from the side.

For an uber-chic look, you can try a peplum kurta with dhoti pants, as this combs looks really cute at farewell parties and wedding mehendi nights.

Sharara Suits

This suit appears similar to the palazzo suit. Sharara is an outfit in which kameez and dupatta and paired with loose pants that flare from the knees. This attire is fashionable and comfortable as well.

The unique design of the Sharara is one that gives this salwar suit an edgy and stylish appearance. Shararas makes it seem like they you’re wearing a skirt due to their loose, wide-legged appearance. This is why these types of salwar suits are among the trendiest right now.

Pakistani Suits

Those who admire the culture and tradition of the Pakistani can choose Pakistani suits. The embroidery and design of this suit make it stand out from other salwar suits.

These are similar to Punjabi style salwar suits, but the kameez is less-fitted so as to fall more elegantly and conservatively on the body.

Wear the Pakistani types of salwar suits to formal and casual functions and make a style statement with the sophistication and charm that this garment portrays.

This attire can have minimal or detailed embroidery and it comes in bright colors and the comfort factor is a big plus.

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Chooridar Suits

Chooridar suits are not salwar suits, but let’s still put them in this list. Suits that are worn with long, tight-fitted pants that have wrinkles or rings at the ankles are called chooridar suits.

Go for either long, calf-length kameez or short ones with chooridars. This attire is a great alternative to Punjabi salwar suits and are preferred by younger women for daily wear and special occasions.

Pant Style Suits

This is a modern variation of the salwar, wherein the kameez is paired with a straight-cut or slightly flared trouser. The suave and sleek design of the trouser suits makes it a chic and trendy attire that brings out a formal appearance.

A straight cut kameez with a formal-style Chinese collar is the best option to pair with the pant-style bottoms. With a collared kameez, it’s also common to drop the dupatta and opt for a well-fitted but not too tight look.

Front Slit Salwar Suits

This is a design of suit in which the kameez has a front slit, going all the way up to the waist. These types of rinaz fashion salwar suits are for the stylish girl and are daily wear as well as office wear.

The kameez for this look is fitted and straight and it is best paired with pant style bottoms or churidar. Accessorize with a matching or contrasting dupatta for the sleek look.

This salwar suit gives a tall and slimmer appearance to your body frame, due to the smart cut and design of the suit. So if you have a voluptuous figur, e you are best suited for the front slit salwar suit.

Rock this to a party and stand out from the crowd or adorn it to make an impression in the office.

The above styles are the different types of salwar suits that every Indian girl needs to try. The comfort and uniqueness of the salwar suit make it a stylish piece to adorn on almost any occasion.

So, go for a design that fits the occasion you are attending and flatters your figure at the same time. Online sites have a variety to choose from, or hit one of your local markets to check out their newest variety.

Revamp your wardrobe with these Indian ethnic pieces. Choose one for your family members, too, as a gift or you do twinning with them in the same salwar suit design in different colors.

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