What is the Necessity of Manual Testing?


In Manual Testing, a tester manually executes different test cases without using any type of automation tool. Manual Testing is the simplest of all testing types and aids in identifying bugs in the software system. Every new application needs to go throw manual testing before moving through automation. Though automation testing is taking up the most space, manual testing still remains relevant in the present day. If you look to add expertise in manual testing, go with Manual Testing Training in Noida. You will get to learn how to proceed with manual testing in different testing environments and in different applications. 

What are the Must Skills for Manual Testers?

However, you do not need to have any type of formal education, just some non-IT skills like;

  • Good analytical skills
  • Look towards every minute detail
  • Desire to learn new things
  • Good verbal as well as written communication
  • An inquisitive mind
  • Creativity

All these skills together make up a good manual tester. Now, with so many automation tools coming into the market, you may think these tools may take over the place of manual testing. However, manual testing still stands strong in the market. Since manual testing can bring out those errors that automation tools can not show. 

Why Manual Testing Is Still Very Important?

  1. A Human Perspective Can Result in Better Products 

Human testers can quickly point out if anything appears “off.” However, these Automated test scripts do not easily pick up these visual issues. When a tester checks the software just like a user, using it, they are better able to identify usability issues and other user interface glitches. Also, automated test scripts cannot easily test for these things. Therefore, Manual Testing solves your all major problems that you can solve by automated testing. 

  1. The Manual Approach of Exploratory Testing 

Automated tests only perform those actions that you ask them to. They need planning and preparation to document, which further restricts the test to specific boundaries. These boundaries ensure there isn’t any chance to walk away from the written test to truly understand the application. Exploratory testing offers you the opportunity to answer questions such as, “What happens if I do this?” It additionally allows you to draw your own path throughout the testing process with few to no boundaries.

  1. Automated Tests Can Result in Errors and Holes

Similar to the bugs in the codes, automated test scripts can also have some bugs. This answers automated testing has the capability to report false positives and other false negatives. However, when you include a human touch in the testing process, you can avoid these errors. 

  1. Some Scenarios cannot be Automate through Automation tools 

Let’s understand this with an example, an iPad app that depends heavily on tap gestures. So, automating the “tap” can be a costly affair. And also, cannot deliver an accurate result in comparison to a human’s finger that is touching the user interface. It generally makes more sense to manually test specific features. By the time you get a resource to write an automated test, a manual test can complete itself by fixing the necessary bugs. Also, at times it is much easier to go with the manual testing route.

  1. Manual Testing Allows You to Get a Better Understanding to the Complete Problem

In the course of time, automated testing can save a significant amount of time. It is a good way for getting easier results on a broad level. Also, manual testing enables you to understand the problem on a conceptual or even an emotional level. It further connects you with the end user and brings you a level of empathy that automated testing doesn’t offer.


Software development is the most functional and innovative area. With every software development, comes the requirement of testing. Moreover, Manual testing allows you to get better results and answers for the testing. Get yourselves a solid understanding of this module with Manual Testing Training in Delhi. If you look to give your career a new direction, this is indeed the best choice. With more software development there is an additional requirement for Manual testers. So, in this career, you will get to work in better roles and never run out of opportunities. Withholding this legit accreditation in hand, you will end up entering into a well-established company, and that too with a decent salary package. Not only this, your skill will be valued and you may be included in some innovative and important big projects. There’s no doubt that Manual Testing has a bright scope ahead, and acquainting its details will keep you going in this field in the long run. So, do obtain its training from a trustable source and always keep up with its trends to acquire growth & success in less time. It will also beautify your resume and uplift your career in numerous ways.

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