What is the most beautiful places in San Salvador

Have you ever visited San Salvador? Do you know the most beautiful places in San Salvador? San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador which is a beautiful country. San Salvador has many attractive places where you can go with your friends or family to spend your vacations. San Salvador is popular as it is the industrial, financial, educational and commercial center of the country. If you are willing to visit here for your vacations, then don’t hesitate as it is a worthwhile place to visit. If you are a regular tourist, then you might be aware of Delta Flights. Delta flights are the most comfortable flights for the whole journey.

Beautiful places in San Salvador

1.Parque Nacional El Boqueron: It is a popular park with great views from the hike. In this park you can capture some of the most beautiful views. The park is surrounded by bushes and mountains. The caldera view from the top is the most famous part of this park. If you take a guide along with you then they will explain to you how the craters are formed. You can visit here to get cold vibes even in the summers. The place is cool and you will find yourself surrounded with nature. You must visit this place if you come to San Salvador. 

  1. Iglesia El Rosario: If you love visiting religious places then this should be a good pick for you. Iglesia El Rosario might not look worthy to visit from outside but once you get inside your mindset will change completely. It’s an apt example for don’t judge a book by its cover. The building of this church may not attract you from outside but it’s interior is fascinating. You will be amazed after looking at this building from the inside. The church is decorated with beautiful lights and glasses. It is a good place to explore.
  2. Joya de Ceren Archaeological Park: It is a well maintained archaeological park. This park is very informative. People who love visiting informative places should visit Joya De Ceren as it has many things to provide you information. The museum is fully air conditioned. The museum has real structures preserved nicely with permanent roof. You can also take a walk to the park where you will find beautiful flowers and fruit trees. This archaeological site is a great mix of museum and park. You can relax in the park along with gaining some knowledge. 
  3. Art Museum of El Salvador: The art museum of El Salvador is situated in San Salvador. In this museum you will find amazing exhibits. The environment of this museum is good. The staff are also very helpful. The entry fees for foreign travelers is $5. This museum also has several art pieces that are very different from common arts. This is a fruitful place to visit while you are in a trip to San Salvador. It is another perfect place to gain knowledge and information about several arts and exhibitions.

5.Plaza Futura: Plaza Future is the perfect place for foodies as well as shopping freaks. If you love eating the food of different cuisine. You can even enjoy Japanese food here. Plaza future has a vast variety of food that you can enjoy. This is a good place for business and trade as well. Apart from this here you can find shopping markets. You will find more hand crafted itend here. This is a nice place for shopping as you can purchase various stuff from the markets here. 

  1. Puerta del Diablo : If you are a mountain lover then this place is for you. Devil Door is a place where you can climb and reach at top to have a beautiful view of San Salvador. The food here is also very delicious. You can try the hot food in cold weather in this place. This place is very peaceful and quiet. Sometimes you can find more crowd here but the overall area is very good.

7.Centro Monsenor Romero: This is a popular museum among the people of San Salvador. In this museum you will see some historical civil wars. You can observe the religious and historical events that occurred in the past. This place is good if you want to know about the history of San Romero. 

Monsenor Romero fue arzobispo de San Salvador y se destaco por su valiente denuncia de las injusticias y la violencia que afectaban a la poblacion salvadorena.

In a nutshell

Wrapping up here, San Salvador is a fantastic place to spend your time. Here you can visit several places and experience many unique things. You can explore the places we have mentioned in the above section. The trip would be fun if you visit all these places as these are some of the most visited and popular places of San Salvador. You can fix your journey with Delta airlines Flight. 

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