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What Is The Best Treatment For Shoulder Muscle Pain? Top Things To Know

The Best Treatment For Shoulder Muscle Pain

Shoulder muscle pain can result from inflammation, arthritis, injuries, or related issues like neck or back pain. Treatment varies depending on severity, with rest and therapy being conventional approaches. Alternative medicine offers relief from discomfort and the ailment itself.

The Alternative treatment methods include Biomagnetic Therapy, Heat Therapy, etc. However, it is essential to remember that no matter what you do to heal yourself, you must always consult a health professional to find the best treatment for shoulder muscle pain for your good and safety.

Different alternative methods of treating shoulder muscle pain 

The alternative methods of treating shoulder muscle pain are usually very gentle. You can practice many at home only, while some methods need strict expert guidance. An expert can help you find the best treatment for shoulder muscle pain in alternative medicine.

Heat application 

Applying heat to the affected area of your shoulder can help reduce the pain and inflammation of the shoulder muscles. You can easily use the heat with a heating pad or hot water bag. Be careful about the temperature of your heating pad, or you can burn yourself. The heat will boost blood flow and help heal the damaged tissues faster.

However, do consult a doctor before practicing such home remedies yourself cause, in some studies, heat has worsened inflammation and muscle pains. An expert can help you make the right choice.

Ice application 

If you’re suffering from an acute shoulder muscle injury, then ice can help with pain reduction. Place a cold pack inside the pillowcase and apply it for 10-15 mins on the injured area. Ice will numb the affected area, which reduces tenderness and pain. Ice can also do wonders in reducing swelling and inflammation. Applying ice two to three times a day is usually more than enough to get the benefits.

Consult your doctor before applying ice because if your muscles are tightened, ice application will worsen things. Always do things under expert guidance.

Planned diet

Your diet does play an essential role in deciding the conditions and health of your muscles. Healthy and green foods prevent muscle inflammation and weakness. Food items such as fatty fish, olive oil, berries, dry nuts, etc can keep your muscles healthy and fit. Cut out all sorts of processed foods, sodas, alcohol, etc., from your diet, especially when you suffer shoulder pain. You can also get good vitamins and nutrition via supplements.

Whole foods will help your body heal much faster, and your inflammation will gradually go away. However, consult a doctor before consuming these vitamins to prevent any chance of adverse reactions in your body.

Biomagnetism Pair Therapy 

One of the best treatments for shoulder muscle pain in alternative medicine is Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. This therapy uses two magnets of opposite polarity to treat the body. The static electricity of the magnet corrects the imbalance in the body’s magnetic field caused by the silence and helps the body heal by itself. The magnet balances the internal pH level of the body, which boosts the immune system to heal the muscle tissues of the shoulder. 

This is a non-invasive form of therapy. Since there is still some debate regarding the effectiveness and safety of this therapy for some patients, you should consult a health professional to make the right decisions.


Thus, ancient Egyptian medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat and ease pain. The philosophy of Egyptian Reflexology is that by massaging the hands and the feet properly, you can reduce pain in another part of the body. So, massaging a specific part of your arm or palm will help you with shoulder pain.

Since this is an ancient form of medicine, there needs to be more scientific evidence to back it up. However, if you feel like trying it, you can do so with your physician’s permission.


Minerals are essential in maintaining good blood circulation and keeping your muscles healthy. So, mineral deficiency can cause muscle cramps and injuries much more quickly. If you suffer from shoulder muscle pain, boron, magnesium, silicone, etc, can help you heal. They will also improve your overall health. You can consume them orally or stack up on them through good food and leafy vegetables.

However, consult a physician to know if you have a mineral deficiency and if you need to consume mineral supplements.

Risks and precautions in Alternative treatments

Since alternative treatments are not regular when treating severe and acute shoulder pain, studies regarding them still need to be completed. While some say that they do work, other studies challenge their efficacy. Moreover, for alternative treatment methods, such as taking supplements that are available over the counter, the supplements might react with the chemicals of the medications you’re already taking and can make things worse. A doctor can help you choose the right supplements based on your medication’s composition.

Alternative therapies, heat, and ice applications work well for some, while they might not do anything for others. Most importantly, all these treatments should always be administered in conjunction with traditional treatment and medicine. Alternative treatments are ineffective enough to heal shoulder muscle pain, especially if the case is severe.

The Final Note

There is no denying the fact that traditional methods are still the dominant form of treatment, no matter what the disease is. However, at present, more and more people are searching for relaxing and chemical-free methods of treatment as alternatives to speed up the healing process. Alternative forms of treatment, such as Biomagnetism Pair Therapy, Reflexology, etc., can make a difference if it suits your body.

You can ask your health advisor to find the best treatment for shoulder muscle pain for you, alternative medicine, and know if it will suit your body and traditional treatment plan. If it works for you, you can get some relief from the pain and discomfort caused by muscle issues without any rigorous method.


This blog has explained in detail the various options for alternative medicine to treat shoulder muscle pain. The Data has been collected from reliable sources such as expert opinion, medical reports, articles, etc. This is proof of our dedication to providing readers with accurate information. The reference listed below discusses in detail the various methods of treatment, such as Planned diet, Reflexology, etc. Readers can go through them for more information.

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