What Exactly Is CEM 11 Plus Exam – Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know

Are you planning to appear for the CEM 11 Plus exam? It’s not an easy exam and made even more challenging because of the information you need to remember to do well. Many questions in the CEM 11 Plus exam confuse students and make them wonder, “What exactly is CEM 11 Plus?” and “How do I prepare for the CEM 11 Plus exam”.

The centre creates CEM 11 Plus exam for Evaluation & Monitoring at Cambridge Assessment. The introduction of CEM examinations was a reaction to concerns that the 11 Plus exams had grown too open. For this reason, CEM does not offer practice materials and adjusts the nature of its tests to avoid ‘teaching to the test’.

The CEM 11 Plus Exam is one of the most challenging entrance examinations a student will ever take. In their last year of primary school, children take these tests to begin their higher schooling at the top grammar school. However, you will need the assistance of a qualified 11 plus tutor.

In addition, some parents decide to enrol their children in 11 plus tuition in Redbridge, London, and other major cities to prepare for exams. This article will answer all your queries on the CEM 11 Plus exam.

CEM 11 Plus Exam Explained

  • Eleven Plus Subjects: CEM covers Mathematics, nonverbal thinking, and verbal thinking in the 11 Plus curriculum. Verbal reasoning contains many abilities in a GL Assessment English test. In contrast, numerical reasoning encompasses the vital Mathematical skills examined in a GL Maths exam.
  • The Test Papers’ Format: Subjects aren’t divided by paper in the CEM 11 Plus exam format. An English paper and a nonverbal reasoning exam are the most common exams. CEM exam papers divide into parts that may, for example, progress from short mathematics to non-verbal questions to stated problems. A different answer book records the correct responses to standard or multiple-choice questions. Due to the wide range of exam topics, no one knows how much each subject will count toward the final score.
  • Abilities and Expertise: CEM examinations align better with the content of the KS2 National Curriculum than GL Assessment tests. However, GL Assessment exams’ ‘question bank’ character helps students prepare for this kind.
  • Exam Timetable: Although some schools may provide knowledge regarding the current test format on their website, there is no standard structure for CEM exams. Examples of previous tests include:
  • Two 45-minute Exam papers: Occasionally, the two papers overlap by a few minutes. Each test covers topics ranging from English to verbal and mathematical reasoning (numerical reasoning). The sections have different amounts of questions and periods. Often much more questions are offered than are expected to be addressed. Moreover, children can only answer a portion for a specific period before being prompted to move on.
  • According to the curriculum chosen by the school, a single paper may include a variety of subjects, or it may focus on a single field.

What Does CEM 11 Plus Exam Involve?

Since CEM 11 Plus exam caters for every school or local authority’s particular needs, the exams vary from location to area. Many other formats are possible, including a mix of multiple-choice and essay questions and different numbers of questions and allotted time allotted for each. However, paper-based or computer-based CEM exams may measure children’s verbal, nonverbal, and numerical abilities.

Where Can You Find Practice Materials for CEM 11 Plus Exam?

CEM doesn’t generate or promote commercially accessible practice papers, preparatory materials, tutoring or mentoring systems. ‘The resources offered for purchase are not affiliated with CEM. Therefore I recommend parents and children to use their wisdom and exercise care, since they may bore little relation to the real exam,’. 

However, this avoids favouring children whose parents can afford additional services or resources. Every school or region where CEM exams take place receives familiarisation materials. Before the exam, students take free practice exams to familiarise themselves with its structure and questions.

‘The essential things you can do to assist your children are to encourage them to read a wide variety of materials and think carefully about what they’re reading. Sue suggests having students practise arithmetic and problem-solving in daily contexts, working in silence and independently on assignments.

Would You Need 11 Plus Tutoring?

CEM advises against 11 Plus test prep that is too intense. These assessments aim to minimise tutoring and to coach negative impacts. ‘Firstly, this lessens the benefit to children whose parents could afford to obtain extra services. It also examines genuine intellectual aptitude. Therefore it is more successful in choosing the best-suited youngsters for grammar school instruction. The tests don’t follow a predetermined structure to push pupils to apply Key Stage 2 knowledge.


CEM 11 Plus Exams is a critical examination for students. CEM 11 Plus Exam is an essential part of the children’s academic exam, enabling you to get admission to grammar school. This examination plays a significant role in the life of a student.

It is a written test that schools in the UK use to evaluate students. The schools consider the student’s performance in this test while making admission decisions. The students should know the syllabus properly and be aware of the types of questions asked in the test.

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