What are the Important factors to consider before choosing a localization platform?

With the world becoming a global village and technology becoming advanced more than ever businesses and enterprises have to struggle a lot to strive in the global market. In order to maintain a prosperous business they have to evolve and also implement recent technologies before expanding their businesses. To make customers have the best experience, it is important to offer them products and content in their native language. The majority of the people prefer to buy the products when these are made available in their native language. Translation and localization are not new practices anymore. These have been there for decades now and all the popular global businesses had to localize their content in order to leave an impact. All the multinational food chains including McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, and beverages king PepsiCo. are the prime example of it.

A professional translation solution for enterprises allows them to excel in a more accurate and precise manner. There are platforms for the localization processes now that enterprises are acquiring for a hassle-free translation process. With the world getting advanced and the majority of the tasks being handled by artificial intelligence it is highly imperative that businesses understand the potential and strength of their human resources. They should also be aware of the boundaries that they have to be mindful of while using the resources. Likewise, before they seek the localization platform they should be able to understand the whole process so that they can chip into the process fully.

Therefore, a few important factors that have been listed below are imperative to consider for enterprises before they opt and finalize a competent localization platform.

Size and complexity of your localization projects

Businesses should, primarily, consider this factor before they finalize a translation and localization management platform. They should be clear on the size and complexity of their localization project. They should also consider the frequency of the localization projects i.e. how soon they can require the services of the platform after gaps. This helps greatly with future products and these also get delivered timely within a limited budget.

Best features

The main strength of the best localization management platform is the features that they are offering. It is important that businesses have the right people who can guide them about the best features of the localization platform. They can also hire people for the consultancy in this regard. However, they should ascertain that they deal with a platform with the best features. The platform should come with flexibility and scalability as primary factors so that the relevant companies can add or remove features accordingly. It should have a user-friendly interface among other important features so that people using it can be comfortable and put their best. It is further important to mention that the translation memory, terminology management, and project management services should be top-notch. 

Economical pricing

Pricing is an important factor to consider while shortlisting the localization management platform. It should not ask for the hefty amounts and rather should be economical. Moreover, the businesses should be clear and open about all the charges and the features they’ll be getting in the decided amount. There should be no hidden charges. Also, the localization team should not ask for money every now and then in the name of unlocking new components of the platform. It should resonate with the economic needs of the businesses.

User-friendly interface 

This factor is particularly evident. The platform should not be complex to use. It should not complicate things, making the team deviate from it and defying its original intent and purpose. These platforms have been introduced to make the process of translation and localization easy for businesses and to bring everyone on the same page. It should be user-friendly and easy to use without unnecessary complications and complexities.

A good customer support

This is another important factor that enterprises should not ignore or overlook. They should ensure that the platform they are going to use has good customer support. As a direct customer-based business, can only excel with first class customer services. They should facilitate customers right away whenever they need help. Also, the platform people should resolve the issues as soon as possible. They should not make them wait or hang up customers. This practice can make the business lose many potential customers.


The integrations are the backbone of the localization platform. It should have the flexibility of integrating well with the existing operating systems such as CMS or CRM.


With ongoing vulnerability and cyber theft data security has become the major concern for the people involved. It is important to check before locking cloud-based translation management  tool that the data and content are safe and secure. The platforms should be secure and should have the latest techniques and strategies installed to protect the localization data.


Businesses should never turn a blind eye to the reputation and feedback of the localization management solution that they have selected. Many times the platforms come with a bad reputation and manage to get away with it. Thus, checking the reviews, and asking for feedback from past employees is extremely vital for a pleasant partnership. Also, the platform should have the trust of other important businesses.


The management platform is a new practice for many enterprises. It is important for businesses to understand the process on their own before they lock the platform services. They should ensure they consider important factors of the process and go with the best localization platform. A few of the factors among other important ones are the complexity of the localization project, features, pricing, user-friendly interface, good customer support, and good integration among others

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