Various Canada Immigration Options For Indian Nationals

Owing to the huge number of work opportunities and a friendly living environment, families from India leave for Canada every year. And if you are also planning for the same, there are various Canada immigration for Indian citizens options available to get through the borders. Once in Canada, you will experience a high standard of living, paving a sustainable livelihood for your betterment. 

List Of Canada Immigration Options For Indian Nationals

With great educational opportunities and a welcoming government, here is a list of immigration options you can avail of when planning to move to Canada. 

Express Entry For Federal Skilled Worker

You are eligible for the federal skilled worker scheme with at least one year of working experience. The process is quite competitive, with the applicants marked on point-based scores. The better you score, the more eligible you are for selection. 

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

There are 13 provinces in Canada, each operating its own Provincial Nominee Programs, or PNPs. These immigration programs are scheduled per the unique economic built and the province’s population. The British Columbia PNP is one of them, offering adequate opportunities for the people of India to immigrate and start a new life in Canada. These PNPs are popular since they can be the fastest pathway to Canadian permanent residency. 

Intra-Company Transfers

Often Canada immigration for Indian citizen service requires the employee to have a valid job offer from an employer. However, under the Intra Company Transfer scheme, you can immigrate to Canada as part of a multinational business with branches in different parts of the globe, including Canada. 

Family Sponsorships

Under circumstances where you have a family member living in Canada qualifying for the Family Class sponsorship, you can seek their help for successful immigration. But the relative shall only be eligible to sponsor your stay when they are 18 or older. Also, the sponsor needs to be a citizen of Canada, a person registered in Canada as Indian per the Canadian Indian Act, or a PR (Permanent Resident) in Canada.  

Entrepreneur Programs

Entrepreneurs planning to expand their businesses can migrate to Canada as per the guidelines listed in this program. The Canadian government allows businessmen with a high net worth and considerable managerial experience to immigrate to Canada and apply for permanent residency. To proceed seamlessly, showcase your fund details and the true intentions of investing in the Canadian economy. 

What Is The Process to Migrate To Canada?

Here is how you can start your immigration process to Canada from India:

  • Check your eligibility by reviewing the guidelines of various immigration options available and proceed with one. Get your express entry profiling completed.
  • Arrange for documents required an invitation to apply 
  • Submit your Visa application within 60 days of you receiving the ITA
  • Submit your medical test results
  • Send your visa for a Canadian stamp


For you to start and continue with a hassle-free life in Canada after immigration, it is important to follow the right guidelines. In this regard, you have to be mindful of the steps mentioned within each immigration option and take adequate measures. If this is your first time moving to Canada, you can start by applying for PNP programs like British Columbia PNP, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Atlantic Immigrant Pilot Program, etc.  

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