V Three Cube Alternative – Similar Benefits With No Support

Without a doubt, there is tough competition in the on-demand industry for multi-service applications. Nowadays, the appeal of a clone app is a new found way to an instant revenue boost for startups looking to place a firm step in this industry.

Quick project success and on-time delivery have become scapegoats for many app development companies. It is easy to assume that hiring quality developers is easy. However, only a reliable clone app development company takes the lead with a team of project manager/product manager, UI/UX designer, iOS developer, Android developer, backend developer and quality assurance engineer. This is clearly an expensive task to start from scratch. That is why most startups look for clone scripts and are often misled with false promises of saving money to attain quick fame. A V Three Cube alternative will make lure these startups without giving them knowledge about the market cap or the potential of their core processes.

In this blog, we will discuss whether you should go for a V Three Cube alternative or not with a case study for better closure.

What is V Three Cube?

V Three Cube is an app development company with expertise in the field of app clone technology. The applications they launch are based on “on-demand” services of the multi-service ecosystem model. The concept of these services led them to reach new heights of success with the advent of Uber and Gojek clone apps being made at their own offices.

Try Ready-Made Clone App Instead Of Custom

The bandwagon of quick success often relies on tracing the steps taken by already established companies. Some of the biggest apps become the leaders in their countries because of their features that people use to help others when needed (in other words on-demand).

A clone app solution eliminates the need to test your idea among people before the launch because it has already been done by the original application. More than half of the work has already been done. By taking inspiration from already successful ventures, you can focus on other important aspects of your entrepreneurial actions of setting up the business.

The overall cost to develop an original app is quite higher in comparison to the clone app. Therefore, trying a ready-made clone app in a short period with an average budget should always be the goal.

Case Study: Uber Like Taxi (Careem)

The concept of Uber when started initially, expanded rapidly to other parts of the world. Currently, covering more than 300 cities and a $50 billion market cap, Uber established itself as a reliable platform for people who need a ride and people who want to earn money via these rides.

This digital app-based technology, in the Middle East, was adopted effectively and pre-emptively by Careem before Uber could enter the region – giving tough competition to the global leader. Careem was launched as an app-based ride-hailing service in the city of Dubai in the UAE. In four years, it expanded to 44 cities claiming to have over 6 million registered users.

In 2019, Careem acquired by Uber for $3.1 billion, solidifying their position as the biggest unicorn in the Middle East.

Going for a V Three Cube alternative

Expanding a clone-based app over different regions takes time. To think about long-term success, one has to look at the customer’s perspective and add or change features accordingly. Buying a ready-made clone app from a place with at least 10 years of experience is the key here.

KingX Pro 2023 (Gojek clone) is a gigantic super app with over 100+ mini-applications. It was built on the grounds of V Three Cube. Developed over four years by 16 app developers, some of the major features of this super app include:

  • Book/rent a Taxi/cab, Carpool, Book a bike taxi
  • Order food, grocery, and medicines
  • Genie on hire/hire a personal shopper
  • Buy, sell & rent real estate, cars, and general items

This is just the tip of the iceberg. From a simple Taxi booking to buying and selling real estate, all 100+ mini- that were carefully integrated under the name of one application or super app. All this was done for the people who want more in less. This trend will not stop and the graph is only plummeting upwards. With a clear objective to provide its clients with every on-demand service at hand, a Gojek clone supper app might be the answer for the user to not go anywhere.

The Answer To The V Three Cube Alternative Question

If you Google, “V Three Cube Alternative”, chances are you will likely find some low-cost solutions that offer great purchasing experience with little to no support. This is the reality we live in folks. Cloning a clone app development company just to make quick bucks reeks of unprofessionalism.

Here are some features that your app would probably never have after getting false promises before the purchase:

  • Login using face ID
  • Google ads integration
  • Annual upgrades
  • Licensed source code

The list could be longer. With every new point, it is your business on the line. Such a flawed V Three Cube alternative could rank on search engines using the name but the ground reality might be entirely different. One quick way to check is to ask for a free demo and see how they respond.

Avoiding this at the initial stage not only saves your time and money but reputation also. In short, there isn’t a better alternative to V Three Cube. This is not damage control but shining a light on these bad cases of people being duped with lower costs and made-up features that didn’t exist.

With more technical advancements reaching new heights, there are always new methods to foretell people about quick success off those technologies at hand. There are always alternatives to the original one but it will not have ingenuity, compassion and the drive to fulfil each customer to really make a difference.

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