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Types Of Marble Chess Set

Who invented this game is unclear, but many people think it originated in India about 1500 years back. People were more familiar with Persia and different parts of Asia. It spread in Europe through Arabs. Somehow, it is unclear who invented this game, but it showed old traditional RAJA & MAHARAJA photos. It is a sign of luxury and wisdom.

People love this game for many reasons because they think that their minds work better, have learned many things while playing the game, like human psychology, problem-solving skills, and socializing, and give harmony and relaxation.

Chess lovers would love an expensive stone chess set, like a marble chess set, granite, onyx, jade, and soapstone. Every material has its particular style, colour, and unique look.

They are very particular about marble/ stone colours because they think it will affect their game and energy level while playing.

Stone Chess Set:

There are a variety of images that come to our mind when we think about stone because every stone has its signature colour, for instance, marble comes in grey and white, and onyx has a signature black colour. Some stones like GRANITE have a great variety of colours with slaps, so you can select whatever colour you want according to your combination. You must consider many things while choosing your chess set.

Onyx In Pink And Swirled White:

Onyx comes in black, It is unlikely to come in pink and white, beautifully finished and shiny. Originally it comes from Mexican stone. A few pieces of ONYX chess sets are available in the market, these sets are expensive, but it is a lifetime. All craftsmen do not have this talent. It’s a piece of art. Each of ONYX chess pieces is 100% hand curved. They have never been a mould. Due to hand made variations in colours, shape, and size, are expected when you purchase the ONYX chess set.

Marble Chess Set:

Marble is a natural gift with radiance and glow, It is appealing to the eyes. It’s quite durable and low maintenance, withstanding extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Marbles can survive in extreme rain, sunshine, and snow, and their shine will never get dull. It would be the perfect choice for outdoor matches rather than being confined indoors all the time.

The marble chess set price will vary on size and finish. Few set is polished and finely polished and looks different from other sets that are badly crafted and shiny. The difference is visible when we keep together.

Think Out Of The Box When It Comes To Material:

You have to think out of the box when it comes to material and colour, sometimes we can get unusual colours shapes, and sizes. We can get a green marble chess set because marble comes in white and grey. Many varieties of chess sets are available in the market, which are made of original stone, these are not well-known names for us, but they have their colours and cuts.

No matter which type of chess set you to choose, the goal is to enjoy the game and improve your playing and learning skills. After going through all the categories, you know that many chess styles are available in the market. You should select them as per your need, usage, budget, and taste. You will decide on priorities and then get one after some research.

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