Transactional SMS Is The Secret To Customer Engagement

It goes without saying that text message marketing has some of the highest engagement rates and offers a direct, effective way to communicate with your audience. In 2022, 75% of US retail customers enrolled in SMS programmes from online retailers. The majority of texts are read 90 seconds after delivery. 

However, you can also use SMS to send important order-related messages and other notifications to programme participants, so these messages don’t just have to be promotional in nature.

A quick look at transactional messages

The text message that a company sends to a customer in response to the customer’s action is known as a transactional SMS. To be more precise, this kind of SMS Survey provides customers with value based on triggered events like an abandoned cart or checkout, an update on their order’s status, or a shipping notification.

Transactional SMS is a non-marketing automated process that businesses use to increase customer engagement throughout their journey. This is in contrast to promotional text messages, which concentrate on advertisements attempting to push sales with enticing product discounts or giveaways.

Companies typically use it to boost loyalty, prevent lapsed purchasing behaviour, and re engage customers who are most valuable to their brand because it is personalised, relevant, and timely.

Examples of Transactional Messages

  1. Order Acknowledgement

Once the customer has made a purchase, you can send an SMS order confirmation. This message may contain information like the order number and links to the website’s “Orders” page. You can maintain contact with your customers after they purchase by sending them this automated message, which will increase their level of satisfaction.

  1. Statement of Welcome

Once a customer registers on your website or in-store, you can send them this kind of SMS. This message can establish the tone for subsequent communications and is a great way to increase engagement with a new customer.

  1. Two-Factor Authentication

Let’s assume that your email account has two-factor authentication enabled. When you sign in to the account from a new device, the SMS gateway provider may send you an SMS to let you know.

  1. Delivery/Shipment Updates

To assist customers in tracking their orders, you can send them these messages. When an order has been shipped and when it will be delivered, customers can receive notifications. You can delight customers and earn their brand loyalty by keeping them informed about the shipping and delivery status.

  1. Ticket Confirmation for Support

Because they inform the customer that their support ticket has been received and that they can anticipate prompt responses from the Customer Service team, these messages are essential for ensuring customer satisfaction. These messages can enhance the lifetime value of customers because good customer service is essential to keeping customers.

  1. Customer Win-Back

You could automatically contact customers who bought your products when they are gone for a predetermined amount of time, which can be configured by your store, to reacquaint them with their purchases.

  1. Schedule a Reminder

By informing your clients of upcoming appointments, you can prevent no-shows with the help of appointment reminders. Several industries experience revenue losses as a result of missed appointments. Thus, this message has a significant potential to boost sales.

  1. Purchase Alerts

When a product is back in stock, customers may be informed using these messages. Additionally, these messages provide information when inventory levels change for customers who have registered to receive product alerts. These messages are frequently used in e-commerce to encourage customers to buy a product in which they previously expressed interest.

What Your Business Can Gain From Transactional SMS

Transactional messages have several advantages because they connect with customers on the platform they use most frequently and in the way they prefer. 70% of customers think SMS marketing is a great way for businesses to get their attention. 

The following are some advantages of using transactional SMS campaigns.

  • Enhance customer experience: Transactional messages are more than just updates or alerts; they aid in the creation of a reliable communication channel between businesses and their clients. Say a client feels respected and at ease using your services because they are reminded daily about a significant delivery.
  • Touch the moment: Since transactional SMS is largely automated, they enable prompt delivery of important messages, which means that SMS can be sent right away thanks to the pre-determined triggers that companies created on their dashboard.
  • Promote loyalty: This is a logical outcome given that this is exactly the kind of SMS that customers anticipate receiving. It’s neither a promotional SMS nor does it contain any sort of commercial material! Transactional SMS has a primary objective, which means it works to improve customer service, foster brand loyalty, and increase sales by establishing a direct connection between the brand and the user. And what about that? These bonds can be shaped by you!

How Can I Combine My Transactional Emails and Transactional SMS?

Due to the extra space within the message, transactional emails are ideal for sending complete order details, including SKUs purchased, billing information, and more. Additionally, they have some of the highest engagement rates in their respective channels, and they offer a platform for dynamic product recommendations to help promote the previously mentioned next purchase. 

When an email isn’t immediately opened, transactional SMS helps by upholding customer expectations for quick updates and reinforcing messaging. You can even mention your transactional emails in text messages to encourage interaction on both channels by pointing out that they contain all of the order details.

What information must I include in my transactional SMS messages?

Less is more when sending a text message order updates. Since 160 characters are allowed in standard text messages, it is best to share a concise order update in one sentence along with a clickable link for order management/tracking. Keep in mind that each message must contain your programme name under compliance regulations!

Customers will be happier overall and your channels will be more engaged when you send them Transactional SMS updates. Additionally, they are among the most effective ways to transmit those important and highly valued messages and are simple to set up.

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