Understanding the Total Cost Of Owning A Vending Machine

Are you planning to invest in a vending machine? It is crucial to have in-depth details on the cost of ownership. The initial cost is the most significant expense, but there are other costs. They include restocking, maintenance and repair fees. Doing your due diligence will play a massive role in ensuring you make a more informed decision. 

Here is detailed information to help you know what you are up for before purchasing one.

Vending Machines Operating Costs

There are various vending machine costs to consider before purchasing. They include:

  1. Initial Investment

The amount needed can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Although the start-up capital can be massive in this sector, it is lower than in other industries. The amount you invest depends on the number and type of machines you start with. The initial cost of the vending machine includes the machine cost and stocking cost. You can buy a new or refurbished machine depending on cash and preference. 

The cheapest coffee vending machine price range begins from hundreds of dollars. They can be pricier if you want soda, snacks, and combo features added to the vending machine. Specific brands are going for several thousand a piece. It is essential to understand that some firms offer inclusive package deals that vary in price by level, which increases the initial cost.

  1. Installation Cost

After buying a machine to suit your needs, you must transport it to the business location. If the distributor does not offer transportation as an after-service, you must pay for it. It is essential to have a budget for this kitty. Some distributors may offer free installation, whereas some do not. You also must consider the cost of setting up because you must hire and pay a professional for the task if you are incapable.

  1. Maintenance and Servicing

Servicing a vending machine depends on several factors, such as location and traffic. Some vending machines need little effort to run and are easy to restock bulk merchandise such as chips and candy. These machine types sell cheap products. Other vending machines sell expensive products like perishable goods and coffee, requiring frequent restocking and care.

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The vending machine maintenance costs include the parts you need to buy and the professional repair cost. You will be responsible for all these costs if the machine is not under warranty. Seller will always offer a limited warranty to cover problems that arise from standard usage for specific years from the purchase date. The vending machine requires regular servicing and maintenance, even operating well. It will help avoid major future issues.

  1. Administration Expenses

The admin vending machine expenses include traditional business costs, machine restocking and many more. The monthly commissions or rentals are standard and paid to the entrepreneur of where you put the machine. You need to know that this expense is common. The location commission ranges from up to 20% of sales made.

Another ongoing expense is the transaction fee for vending machines with card readers for debit or credit cards. The expense will likely increase as more customers adopt cashless payment methods. You also use the money to fuel your car when you check on the machine. It is crucial to budget for fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

  1. Taxes

The vending machine business is just like any other business. You must get a tax license and decal stickers for your machine. You may be required to pay extra state or country taxes and revenue generated by the vending machine, but it depends on the area of operation.

Summary of the Total Cost of Ownership

As per the list, a vending machine costs more than you may think, but don’t be scared. A vending machine business is profitable with a low barrier to entry. The returns you earn can help recover the total cost fast, depending on the location. The commodities price can vary between 50%-100% depending on the zone, paid for by the client for comfort and accessibility.

The vending machines business can be easy to start. Estimating the total cost of ownership before making a purchase is necessary. Consider the initial investment, maintenance and repairs, taxes and administration expenses. You will know the amount you need and the timeline to get ROI.


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