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Top Window Maintenance Practices

The tiny details at home, like the window design, play a key role in your property’s general comfort and outlook. Windows are among the most important investments in a house, explaining why they should be cleaned by a professional window installation contractor.

Maintaining your windows often is key, as it improves your property’s appearance and prolongs its lifespan. Below we discuss the most basic window maintenance tips for a prolonged lifespan.

Put the Rubber Sealing in Place

Different weather conditions, like heavy sunlight, can negatively affect your windows, explaining why you should ensure the rubber sealing is always in place. Remember, gap formation on the window can cause an air leak, but you can solve it using rubber foam or caulk.


It is always advisable to re-paint your window frames immediately after the stains begin to chip away for a prolonged lifespan. People living in sunny areas or those exposed to strong winds have fast paint degradation, and homeowners should often paint to improve their appearance.

Painting wooden windows is advisable, as it prolongs its lifespan and improves your property’s aesthetics. However, you are advised against painting the pivot bars or ridges and leaving the windows open until fully dry.

Use Storm Windows

Storm windows are generally installed over the main house windows and protect from robust winds. These windows are also insulators for extreme weather conditions, making your house warm during winter.

Storm windows help to save a substantial heat amount, and have a long lifespan. Installing these windows is an excellent decision, mainly if you cannot replace your old windows due to budget constraints.

Maintain Moving Parts

Most wooden windows have moving parts; you should lubricate them often to improve their lifespan. Lubricating the contact parts before winter and summer is advisable to protect them from extreme weather conditions. Homeowners can also use silicone sprays on tracks whenever they become hard to operate.

Repair or Replace Moving Parts

It is advisable to repair or replace any spoilt, damaged parts immediately after you notice them to prolong your window’s lifespan. Fixing these moving parts is key, as it significantly lowers your energy bills.

Homeowners should also repair window cracks or holes to prevent further deterioration. Looking after the window panes is not enough, as you should also ensure your window screens are in the best state. These screens should be cleaned often to eliminate dust and dirt that accumulate with time.

Also, the spline that holds the screen should be checked often for damage, and the screen should be inspected for tears and holes.

Window Replacement

Most windows have a lifespan of around twenty years with proper maintenance. The new window designs are more attractive and durable, and homeowners should consider a complete window replacement if they have the necessary funds.

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Final Thoughts

Windows play a key role in a property’s appearance and should be maintained properly for an improved lifespan. The above article has discussed the top window maintenance tips, and more information is available online.

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