Top Shipping/Logistics/Courier Aggregators in India for eCommerce

Top Shipping/Logistics/Courier Aggregators in India for eCommerce


India ranks 11th in the world, with the largest and most diverse consumer base, with a population of over 1.3 billion people. Given the rise of internet users and digitisation, it’s no surprise that eCommerce is booming in India at an unprecedented rate and the growing online shoppers are beginning to have higher expectations with e-commerce brands when it comes to express delivery.


As the eCommerce industry grows, the need for reliable and efficient shipping and logistics services is also increasing. That’s when the shipping aggregators come in. They are service providers that enable eCommerce businesses to compare and choose from a range of shipping and logistics services.


Some of the top shipping aggregators for eCommerce businesses in India include NimbusPost, Shiprocket, Delhivery, and eCom Express. These platforms offer a range of features and benefits that can help companies save time and resources in conducting shipping and logistics. 


In order to find out the best among all the existing players in the market, via this blog, we will explore in detail the top shipping/ logistics/ courier aggregators in India and their significance for the rising e-commerce industry.

Top 4 Logistics & Shipping Aggregators for eCommerce Business



NimbusPost is one of the leading shipping aggregators for eCommerce businesses in India. It offers a wide range of shipping services and integration with multiple courier partners for businesses of various scales. NimbusPost also provides value-added services such as order tracking, customer support, fraud detection, and more.


NimbusPost is dedicated to offering businesses fast, reliable and affordable ecommerce shipping solutions that start at just Rs 215/50 gm for international shipping and Rs 21/500 gm for domestic shipping. It works with the leading national and international courier services to get your products delivered on time, every time. With its user-friendly dashboard features and online platform, you can track your shipments and manage your orders with ease. Their entirely automated warehouse and fulfilment services enable businesses in conducting seamless domestic and global trade, without having to worry about the cost of maintaining storage spaces. So if you’re looking for a trusted and effective ecommerce shipping solution for your eCommerce business, look no further than NimbusPost.



There are many reasons to choose a courier aggregator like Shiprocket when running an eCommerce business in India. First, a shipping aggregator can save you time and money by consolidating your orders from multiple vendors into one shipment. This can be a huge time-saver, particularly if you sell on multiple platforms. Second, it can provide you with access to a wider range of shipping options, which can be helpful when you’re trying to find the best rates. Third, a courier aggregator can help you manage your inventory more effectively, giving you visibility into what’s in stock and what needs replenishment. 


Finally, a logistic aggregator can help you scale your business more efficiently, as it can provide you with the infrastructure and support you need to grow. Shipping aggregators like Shiprocket offer all of these benefits and more, making them essential partners for eCommerce businesses. 



There are many reasons to choose Delhivery as a shipping partner for eCommerce businesses in India. Delhivery has a strong network of courier partners, which ensures that businesses can get their products shipped quickly and efficiently. 

Covering about 17,000+ pin codes in India, they offer self-owned pickup, mid-mile, and delivery operations, handling consignments of up to 10 kilograms with same-day and next-day capabilities and 48-96 hour deliveries for long-distance orders. 


In addition, Delhivery offers competitive pricing and provides a range of value-added services such as live package tracking and 24/7 customer support. 



There are many reasons why you should pick Shyplite as your logistics partner for your eCommerce business. One of the main reasons is that Shyplite offers 30+ shipping services to ship your package across 26,000+ pin codes in India. This means that you can compare prices and services easily, and find the best option for your business. They also provide hyperlocal to cross-border deliveries with ease and efficiency.


With its dedicated customer support services and dependable reverse logistics, they offer powerful integration with leading e-commerce marketplaces in India with valuable data insights and convenient single billing while choosing multiple courier partners via its platform.


The Benefits of using a shipping aggregator for eCommerce businesses in India


There are many benefits of using a shipping aggregator for eCommerce businesses in India. 


  • First, it allows businesses to explore different shipping options and choose the one that best suits their changing business needs. 
  • Second, it saves businesses time and money by eliminating the need to contact multiple Shipping Company in India individually. 
  • Third, it provides businesses with a one-stop destination for all their shipping and logistics needs.


Why Choose NimbusPost?


NimbusPost has carved a trusted name for itself as a shipping aggregator for eCommerce businesses because it offers several advantages over its competitors. 


Firstly, the shipping aggregator gives eCommerce businesses more control over their shipping process by allowing them to select the carriers they want to use and providing an online shipping portal where they can manage their shipments. Second, NimbusPost is more affordable than its competitors, with lower shipping rates and no zero subscription fees. Finally, NimbusPost offers dedicated customer service, with a skilled team of experts who are always prepared to deal with all kinds of queries related to shipping. They also leverage cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning to make the entire shipping and logistics process hassle-free and accessible. All these benefits make NimbusPost a competitive shipping aggregator for eCommerce businesses in India.




If you run an eCommerce business in India, then using a shipping aggregator is an economical way to outsource your shipping and logistics operations. It will save you time and resources which might get consumed heavily in managing and handling shipping and logistics operations on your own.


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