Top 8 Live Streaming Platforms in 2023

Live streaming platforms are gaining popularity as a means for creators to engage with their audience in real-time. With the live streaming industry valued at $7.5 billion and numerous tools available, finding the best fit for your business can be overwhelming. Let’s explore the top live-streaming platforms based on features, audience, and pricing.

Top Live Streaming Platform Picks

1.      OnTheFly

2.      Uscreen

3.      Restream

4.      Twitch

5.      Vimeo Live Streaming

6.      Brightcove

7.      Dacast

8.      IBM Video Streaming

How to Choose the Right Platform

When exploring live stream services or options, consider the following:

1. Secure Authentication: Ensure viewers can access content securely with options like single sign-on (SSO) or OAuth.

2. Scalability: Choose a platform with adaptive bitrate streaming to accommodate many viewers without compromising quality.

3. Customization: Look for branded overlays and white-label capabilities for a consistent brand presence.

4. Distribution: Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously and enable “Go Live” notifications for increased viewership.

5. Streaming Limit: Opt for a platform with unlimited streaming hours to avoid creative restrictions.

6. Marketing and Engagement: Select a platform with lead generation tools, pre-registration pages, and live event countdowns for promotion.

7. Monetization: Consider platforms that support VOD auto-recording, subscriptions, memberships, pay-per-view, and live streaming to OTT apps for additional revenue opportunities.

Best Live Streaming Platforms Compared

1.      OnTheFly

Best For: Budget-conscious streamers

·         Insightful Analytics

Reasons to use:

Provider description:

·         Multichannel streaming

·         Basic version is free

OnTheFly is an innovative video streaming site that focuses primarily on integrating numerous social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram Live, and Twitch at the same time to live stream videos in real-time with unique features & functions.


·         Customizable branding

·         Real-time analytics

·         Interactive chat functionalities

·         Multistreaming

·         Screen sharing


·         No session time limits

·         Utilize chat tools for interaction

·         Switch channels in real-time

Cons: There are limited characters for the title and description box.

Price: $

2.      Uscreen

Best For: Experienced Creators

Reasons to use:

·         Experience the Ultimate Branded Viewing Journey

·         Effortlessly Offer Subscriptions and Memberships

·         Enjoy Seamless, High-Quality Streaming on Social Channels

Provider description:

Uscreen’s all-in-one video membership platform allows artists to develop their businesses through the web, a built-in community, apps, and live streaming capabilities.


·         Customizable Privacy Controls

·         Pay-Per-View Video Sales

·         Engaging Push Notifications

·         Live Streaming with Chat Functions

·         Complete Data Ownership

·         Unlimited Streaming on All Plans

·         Community Building Tools


·         Control subscriber access with privacy controls

·         Unlock revenue streams via Pay-Per-View Video Sales

·         Engage users with push notifications & live-streaming chat

·         Seamless data management

·         Free multi-video streaming on all Uscreen plans

·         Foster a thriving community with powerful tools


·         Limited Customization Options

·         Pricing Tiers and Bandwidth Limits

·         Complex Setup and Learning Curve


·         Growth: $199/month

·         Pro: $599/month

·         Plus Custom Pricing

NOTE: Pricing is on a monthly basis

3.      Restream

Best For: Budget-conscious streamers

Reasons to use:

·         The ‘Basic’ tier is free

Provider description:

·         Analytics

·         Multichannel streaming

Restream is a robust live streaming platform that allows you to simultaneously broadcast live content across numerous channels. Using a single account, you gain access to over 30 platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and more.


·         Captions & comments appear on-screen

·         High-quality audio

·         Free background music

·         The best streaming live services

·         Insightful data

·         Screen sharing

·         Multistreaming


·         Invite up to five guests for live streams

·         Zero time restrictions on sessions

·         Access to chat tools

·         Easily switch between channels in real-time


·         Be aware of potential drop frame incidents

·         Limitations on characters for the title & description box


·         Basic: $0/forever

·         Standard: $16/month

·         Professional: $41/month

4.      Twitch

Best For: Gamers

Reasons to use:

·         Exploration potential

·         Personalized emoticons

·         Affiliate and partnering opportunities

Provider description:

Twitch, the leading live streaming platform for gamers, boasts over 31 million monthly users and provides excellent discoverability for creators. It has a user-friendly interface that allows seamless streaming using hardware, software encoding tools, or gaming consoles.


·         Tracking followers

·         Interactive chat room

·         Subscription options

·         Custom emoticon slots

·         Earnings from ads

·         Distinctive subscriber badges

·         Verified account badge

·         VODs and clips


·         Go live from your PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, or mobile device

·         Vast worldwide viewership

·         Various ways to monetize your content

·         Seamlessly integrated with Amazon Prime Gaming


·         Intense competition

·         Restricted non-gaming content

·         Moderation difficulties

Price: Revenue Share

5.      Vimeo Livestream

Best For: Skilled Broadcasters

Reasons to use:

·         Top-notch, multi-platform live streaming

·         Easy-to-use interface

·         Customizable player & branding options

Provider description:

Vimeo Livestream is a comprehensive live-streaming platform designed for businesses and organizations, offering a range of functionalities. It also presents flexible pricing plans catering to diverse requirements and budgets.


·         Experience Full HD 1080p live streaming

·         Customize players and apps with branding

·         Enjoy ad-free streaming

·         Share streams on multiple social networks

·         Host unlimited live events

·         Automate video content archiving & management

·         Interact with live polls, Q&A, chat, and overlays


·         High-quality streaming

·         Organize live feeds in an on-demand video library

·         Enable interactive streaming for audience engagement

·         Offer diverse & free customization options for live streams


·         Registration restrictions

·         Limited reach for the audience


·         Starter: $12 per seat/month

·         Standard: $20 per seat/month

·         Advanced: $65 per seat/month

·         Enterprise

Note: Pricing is billed annually.

6.      Brightcove

Best For: Large Corporations

Reasons to use:

·         State-of-the-art video analytics

·         Seamless video cloud integration

·         Strong security capabilities

Provider description:

Brightcove is a top global provider of web streaming services and cloud-based video solutions, delivering high-quality live video content across devices & platforms.


·         Offering video hosting and CDN services

·         Support for ad integration

·         Adaptive bitrate switching

·         APIs and SDKs

·         Integration with video subscription tools

·         Comprehensive analytics like geolocation & engagement tracking


·         Comprehensive features for live streaming and VOD

·         Reliable video delivery for large enterprises

·         Ample customization options

·         Strong enterprise-level security with RTMP, encryption, and access control


·         Tailored pricing for larger companies

·         Extensive features may overwhelm newcomers

·         Challenging learning curve

·         Limited self-service options

Price: Starts at $199 a month

7.      Dacast

Best For: Non-technical streamers

Reasons to use:

·         Branded streaming solution

·         Revenue generation opportunities

·         Low latency

Provider description:

Dacast is a live-streaming platform that empowers broadcasters to stream top-notch videos globally. It also supports RTMP, RTSP, and HLS ingest protocols, ensuring compatibility with various streaming software and hardware.


·         Live streaming from webcam or encoder

·         Premium Akamai CDN for smooth delivery

·         Customizable HTML5 video player with the paywall

·         Social streaming for wider reach

·         Comprehensive analytics for insights

·         Password-protected streaming for security


·         Brand your content with a watermark logo & APIs

·         Join the partner referral program


·         Note the 9% commission structure

·         USD/EUR transactions


·         Starter: $39/month

·         Event: $63/month

·         Scale: $165/month

·         Custom

Note: Pricing is billed annually.

8.      IBM Video Streaming

Best For: Media corporations

Reasons to use:

·         AI-powered insights

·         Top-tier security & scalability for enterprises

·         Personalize video players and integrate with APIs

Provider description:

IBM Video Streaming platform is a high-powered live streaming software designed for large enterprises, media companies, and event organizers. With an array of advanced features, it’s the top pick for reliable and scalable live streaming.


·         Automated AI-driven captioning

·         Distribute content via Multi-CDN

·         End-to-end encryption for security

·         Engage viewers with live polls

·         Third-party platform integration


·         No limits on resolution or bitrate

·         Works on smartphones and smart TVs

·         Customizable channel page

·         Smooth video looping

·         Live chat and Q&A for audience interaction

Cons: Less user-friendly advanced features

Price: starting at $99 per month

Finding the right live streaming platform for you 

With numerous live-streaming platforms available, you have plenty of options to choose from based on your needs. If you want to reach a broad audience, then OnTheFly is your ideal platform. You can also book a personalized demo with OnTheFly experts to explore all the capabilities they can offer your business.


Overall, we have discussed the top 8 live streaming platforms that stand out as leaders, each offering unique features to cater to diverse needs. It’s time to embrace the power of live streaming in 2023 with these top contenders and unlock endless possibilities for engagement and success.

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