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Top 5 Advice For IELTS By Study Abroad Consultants In Pune

5 Useful Tips to Improve Your IELTS Score 

IELTS is an exam prepared by students who want to study abroad. It should be clear with the standard score on the first attempt. Though it has unlimited attempts, it is best to clear it in the first attempt to save time and effort. But, to clear it in the first attempt, the candidate needs to prepare and focus on all four sections, which are reading, writing, speaking and listening. Good reading and writing skills are important, but with that, you need the right technique to clear this exam. Study abroad consultants in Pune can help you approach it with ease and confidence.

Cracking IELTS is not difficult; good preparation and a strategic plan is required. IELTS is a well-known exam that evaluates your command of the English language. To crack the test, practice and a strong command over English are the most vital factors. Before, going into the exam, check the format and test papers of the last few years to understand it better. Below are a few tips to clear the IELTS exam with a good score:

5 Useful Tips to Improve Your IELTS Score 

To clear the exams, command over the English language is crucial. It consists of four sections: Reading, writing, speaking and listening. You have to focus on, all four sections to crack IELTS on the first attempt. The score required is more than 7, so with consistent practice, you can do well. It also involves face-to-face interviews. The best study abroad consultants in Pune prepare you for everything afterwards, and your confidence is the key to cracking the exam.

There are two types of IELTS exams: Academic and General. Academic is for one who wants to move abroad to study, whereas general is for those who want to settle for work. You can crack this exam by following the simple tips to improve your score. Check out the tips below to score well in the exam:

Improve Your Reading And Writing Skills 

  • To improve your reading ability, start reading magazines, newspapers, and novels regularly. Read articles which have long passage-like paragraphs. It gives good command over the language.
  • Practising difficult passages will improve your vocabulary and command over grammar. Give yourself a time limit to skim a passage and answer questions accordingly.
  • The writing section is lengthy and done within the word limit. Do not leave any questions unanswered. Avoid grammatical errors. It will impact the score band.
  • Practice and get your answers checked bystudy abroad consultants in Pune to polish your skills and get honest feedback.

Keep Your Answers Natural

  • Do not memorise the answer.Write it in your language, which makes it easy to judge your proficiency in English.
  • The examiner may tell whether the answers are framed by you or not. Memorising and writing the same will affect your score.
  • It will affect your interview process because the interviewers are train to catch the memorised language. If they catch you, and will lose marks, and they will ask difficult questions in face-to-face interviews.
  • Study abroad consultants in Pune suggest you not memorise because it does not improve your pronunciation. Hence, it is useless because it is not helping you build your skills.

Know Your Weakness

  • IELTS tests the command of English in two ways: receptive skills and productive skills. It is common to have a difference in scores between the two. One may be your strength, and another may be your weakness but think about ways to improve both skills.
  • Receptive skills include reading and listening, and If this is your weakness, start practising everyday. Start listening carefully and understand the words clearly. Along with listening skills, work on your reading skills and read aloud to improve pronunciation.
  • Productive skills include speaking and writing and your weakness lies here, then start writing every day. Pick a topic, and write about it in the word count given. Try to choose different words every time, It will improve your writing skills. Speaking skills are equally vital to build because they will help your vocabulary and help you speak fluently.
  • To score high in IELTS, study abroad consultants in Pune help you work on all four sections. Make a study plan to work on weaker sections, but do not leave the stronger parts.

Attempt All Questions

  • You Attempt all the questions in exams because there is no negative marking. Do not remain silent in interviews or leave questions in other sections.
  • When you have less time or do not know the answer, guess and fill in the answer, your guess may turn out to be correct. Write what you know, andyou may surpass the band with just one point.
  • Guessing an answer increases the chance of passing a section. It focuses on the way that you explain your answer and not on the word count.
  • Leaving a question empty would not benefit you in any way. But, If you writea little about the topic given, as per your knowledge, It may create some chance of scoring.

Managing Time Effectively

  • Time management is a vital part of this exambecause there are 40 questions and the time duration is 60 minutes. Each section gets approximately 20 minutes.
  • Practice according to the time limit. Do not give more than 20 minutes to any section.
  • Reviewing your answers at the end of the test is required. You may have missed out on something important. Reserve the last 5 minutes of your exam to review.
  • Check the question which contains more marks and need extra attention, prioritise them and study abroad consultants in Pune divide your time accordingly. Do not spend more time than required on any question. Meanwhile, set a time limit and work on it.


Preparing for IELTS is all work of command over the English language and time management. Once you master these two, everything else will fall into line. The best study abroad consultants in Pune help you prepare everything according to the criteria mentioned for the exam. They advise you to attempt all the questions as there is no negative marking, and answering a question may get you a point.

Practice as much as you can. It will help you crack the exam in just one attempt and take you one step closer to your dream. This exam is passed with dedication, hard work and consistency.

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