Tips to Successfully Pass Microsoft Azure AZ-104 Exam

Microsoft Azure Certificates are incredibly popular with newcomers and experts looking to expand their career. Similar is the case for Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam AZ-104. There are a variety of advantages to participating in cutting-edge cloud technology and learning more about the cloud technologies. This test is worth it all.

The AZ-104 test can help you earn the designation that is Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate. After obtaining this certification you’ll be able to serve as Microsoft Azure Administrators in certain job in any multinational company. This means that you’ll be in charge of creating and maintaining the company’s cloud infrastructure. To assist you in achieving this task we’ll begin our journey by focusing on the basics, including study tools, suggestions and the necessary training to pass the test.

What is the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam?

It is the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 exam is designed for people who have extensive knowledge of establishing, maintaining and monitoring the company’s Microsoft Azure infrastructure, which includes virtual networks computing, storage and identity, security and governance.

A person who has these capabilities typically works as part of a larger team tasked with setting up cloud infrastructure for a company. In order to provide Azure security, networking databases, application development as well as DevOps options, the experts work with other roles, too.

Steps for Passing the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

If you are looking to manage and manage the documents of an Microsoft Azure environment for an company, obtaining certification with the Microsoft Azure-104 exam could be an ideal starting point. The administrator-level certification exam offered by Microsoft is considered to be the starting point for people who wish to become an integral part of a larger group that is responsible for setting up the company’s cloud infrastructure. In addition, if possess any of the following credentials or were working towards these, you’ll do excellently on this exam.

  • MCSE: Core Infrastructure
  • MCSA: Windows Server 2012
  • MCSA: Windows Server 2016

We are all aware that it isn’t easy it is to prepare for any course of certification. If we are looking to pass the test, we should adhere to the recommended test-taking procedure. Here are some suggestions and study materials to assist you in passing your Microsoft AZ-104 exam.

After having mastered the exam’s fundamentals After that, you should begin your preparation with the study guide for AZ-104 if are looking to become completely familiar with the topic of the exam. By using this guide, you’ll be able to better comprehend the primary concepts and the objectives of the exam.

This guide will give you an entire overview of the topics to be paying focus on when taking the test. It will also help you to grasp the entire exam content and learn about study strategies. All you have to do is adhere to these guidelines in order you to be able to clear the test.

Develop your skills by utilizing Microsoft Instructor-led training


The course will help IT specialists will understand how to handle their Azure subscriptions, protect user identities manage infrastructure, establish virtual networks, link Azure as well as on-premises websites and control network traffic. install storage solutions, create and expand virtual machines, deploy containers and web applications backup the data and make it available for sharing, as well as then monitor your solution.

Join Online Study Communities and Groups

An effective resource to prepare for the certification test can be found in online group study. Study groups make it possible to interact with test takers. They can help you gather ideas and thoughts that can assist you in understanding the subject quicker. There are many studies materials and other resources which can aid you in achieving an complete understanding of the concepts tested in the test. Additionally, you can take part with the conversation by submitting questions and concerns related to the exam.

Educate yourself via Microsoft Learning Paths

Access exam-related knowledge through a wide range of classes on Microsoft’s learning pathway. You can locate these Microsoft AZ-104 test preparation resources on the official website of the exam.

Start to take test-taking practices

It is a crucial element that is included in your study manual. It can help you not only to identify the areas where you are weak but also build a solid level of revision. By practicing the test to improve your ability to write answers while conserving time. There are many exam questions that are free to familiarize yourself with the AZ-104 test. You can take practice tests in your studies after you’ve finished some or all of the subjects.


Once you’re certain you’ve fully grasped all the objectives of the exam, go over your notes to make sure you’re fully prepared. Reread your notes, and take as many tests as you can and become engaged within online groups to help you achieve this. Learn how to offer the appropriate size, quality, and monitoring and change resources as needed and also control and monitor identity, management, storage, computing and virtual networks within cloud environments. You’ll be prepared and confident to successfully pass your Microsoft AZ-104 exam.

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