Tile Shopping in Dehradun: Must-Visit Showrooms for Home Renovations

Tile Shopping in Dehradun: Must-Visit Showrooms for Home Renovations


Shopping for tiles for your floors and sometimes walls is a rite of passage that every new homeowner must go through their life at least once. This experience can be quite daunting though, thanks to the sheer variety of tiles that are currently available in the market. This experience becomes even more confusing as every day a new tile shop or tile dealer pops up in the market. If you would like to know how to find the perfect tile showroom in Dehradun, then read on! 

The OrientBell Tile Boutique: Where Elegance Meets Variety

Orientbell Tiles, one of the most well-known and well-reputed tiles brands has its stunning boutique in the city called Orientbell Tile Boutique in Suddowala Chowk, Dehradun, where customers can visit and see the beauty unfold in real-time. The Orientbell Tile Boutique carries a rich collection of ceramic tiles, making it a great tile shop. But along with tiles, Orientbell Tile Boutique offers another benefit which is support and professional help. Executives can help you with everything- right from choosing tiles to finding a good installer within your budget in the city.

Creative Ceramics Gallery: Unleash Your Creativity

The amazing collection of ceramic tiles available with Orientbell Tiles Boutique is sure to mesmerise the customers. Whether you are looking for unique and designer bathroom tiles or want to update your bedroom to follow the latest trends, you can surely find a multitude of ceramic tiles in this tile showroom. Some classic ceramic tiles include:

  1. Wooden tiles: They look and feel like wood but are made of ceramic!
  2. Marble Tiles: Mimicking the elegance of marble, these ceramic tiles are a lot easier to clean and maintain.
  3. Floral Tiles: Inspired by flora and fauna, these flower tiles are a sure-shot way to bring the greenery of nature to your house. 

Evaluating Tile Dealer Options

There are a few things that one must keep in mind while choosing a good tile dealer:

  1. Check the reviews: Check the reviews of the tile dealer– online as well as offline. Contact previous customers, reputed contractors, interior designers, etc. to find out whether a particular tile shop sells good products or not.
  2. Check Support: Good tile dealers will generally offer support and aftercare services such as helping customers choose tiles, finding good installers, etc. 

Budgeting and Pricing

Tiles are available in a wide price range so it is necessary to keep a few things in mind.

  1. Set a budget: Before you Google the best tile shop near me, sit down and set up a budget for your tiles. Remember, the budget should not just include the amount that you will spend on the tiles, but also the additional material, equipment, and labour charges.
  2. Visit Multiple Shops: By visiting multiple shops, you can get a far better and clearer idea of the price range of the tile or tiles that you like. Not all sellers sell the same tile at the same price. 

Assessing Tile Quality

Ceramic tiles are available in different compositions and sizes which also include thickness. Similarly, different brands have different quality tiles available. In fact, off-brand tiles generally tend to be of extremely low quality. Such tiles are neither durable nor strong and may end up proving to be a headache for the customers later. In such cases, it is better to stick to a reputed tile dealer who only sells genuine and high-quality products. You can always check the quality of a particular tile by assessing its sample or going through reviews online as well as offline. 

Tile Trends and Designs

Choosing between tiles is a difficult and daunting task. This is because the trends are changing almost every month. Hopping on to a new trend every time it shows up on your feed is impractical. Instead of trend hopping, consult a reputed interior decorator. Similarly, choose tiles that go with the aesthetics of your space. This will surely bring down the confusion and make the choice a lot easier. 


The beautiful city of Dehradun has its own share of amazing tile shops for customers. Just remember to make an informed choice and avoid local shops that sell fake products!

However, amidst this mosaic of options, caution is key. While Dehradun boasts genuine treasures, beware of deceptive local shops peddling counterfeit wares. To ensure your tile-shopping journey is a delightful one, prioritize well-established and reputable stores that uphold quality and authenticity.

Embark on this exciting design voyage armed with knowledge about the materials, patterns, and styles you desire. Consult experts in these esteemed shops who can guide you towards selections that resonate with your vision.

In this city of dreams and designs, choose wisely, embrace the authenticity, and craft your living spaces with the finest tiles Dehradun has to offer. Your choices will not only enhance your surroundings but also support the integrity of the local tile market.

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