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10 Important Things To Know Before Renovating Your Condo

Condominiums have become the dwelling choice for many in a world where convenience, work-life proximity, and affordability reign supreme. These modern homes offer complete amenities within reach. It boasts an urban lifestyle that go-getters and young families dream of. With condos symbolizing freedom and independence, many homeowners are renovating their condo spaces to make them more homey.

If you’re one of those condo owners and want to personalize it, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for tips on renovating your condo to reflect your unique character while providing the ultimate comfort.

10 Factors to Consider When Renovating Your Condo

Renovating your condo can be an exciting but challenging experience. Before buying materials and revising your floor plan, consider the factors below to ensure your renovation goes smoothly.

  1. Building rules
    First and foremost, acquaint yourself with your condo association’s rules and regulations. Some condos have strict renovation guidelines to maintain a uniform aesthetic and prevent disruptions. For instance, you may need permission to alter structural elements or make significant modifications that affect the building’s overall structure.As such, present a timetable and floor plan to your condo association. This tip will reassure them that your renovation will comply with building rules.
  2. Goal for renovating
    Do you want to make a specific space look and feel cozier? Or do you want to boost your condo unit’s value? Defining your renovation purpose at the onset can guide your project’s direction and scope.Say, you want to create a home office space. Then, you should optimize your bedroom or living room. If you want to open your unit for short- or long-term rent, you can invest in comfortable beds, spacious closets, and essential kitchen appliances.
  3. Project limitations
    Be aware of potential constraints of your condo’s layout, size, and existing features. These limitations can impact your renovation plans. For instance, condos with limited space may require you to get creative with storage solutions for maximizing usable area.
  4. Budget
    Set a realistic budget accounting for materials, labor, permits, and unforeseen expenses. Without proper budgeting, renovation costs can spiral out of control. As such, compute how much the renovation will cost and set up a contingency fund for emergency expenses, like fixing recently discovered electrical issues.
  5. Timetable
    Condo renovations usually take time, especially when making major modifications. You have to account for the primary work itself and the delays due to construction or design problems. As a result, it’ll disrupt your daily life and possibly extend temporary lodging arrangements.So, establish a reasonable timeline for your renovation project. A well-planned schedule ensures a smoother transition during the renovation process and ensures costs are at a minimum.
  6. Additions or removals
    Decide on adding new elements or removing existing ones at the outset like windows. Whether knocking down walls to create an open layout or installing new built-in shelves, ensure your plans align with your condo’s structural integrity.If you choose to tear down slabs, cupboards, or fixtures, check if you can upcycle them into something else. It may be tedious, especially if you plan to do it independently, but it can at least help you save money.On the other hand, check for fixtures that are unmoveable. You’ll probably spend far more than you planned if you want to modify or demolish them. Alternatively, reorient the eye’s perception of the space, modifying it to conceal intrusive elements and highlight more appealing pieces.
  7. Paint colors
    Choose paint colors that complement your design vision and condo layout. Remember, different hues can affect perceived space and mood, so opt for those that match your ideal atmosphere. Take light shades, for instance. This color palette can make a smaller condo feel more open and airy. Pinks and yellows are perfect if you want to follow a mid-century style for your condo.Meanwhile, darker tones can create a cozy living atmosphere. They’re ideal choices for achieving a contemporary or industrial interior design. Consult an interior designer if you can’t determine which colors suit certain rooms or areas.
  8. Fixtures
    Select fixtures that suit your desired style and functionality. From faucets to lighting, these details can significantly impact your condo’s aesthetic and comfort. For example, modern and energy-efficient lighting fixtures can transform the ambiance while saving energy costs. On top of this, ambient lighting can make your condo look and feel cozier, especially at night.
  9. Temporary lodging
    Depending on the extent of your planned renovation, you should anticipate and prepare for the potential disruption it can bring to your daily life. Staying in your condo as it undergoes extensive changes can hinder you from doing your daily activities. So, it’s best to find temporary lodging. Doing so safeguards your comfort while letting the renovation process move forward smoothly. You can stay with family or friends or book a short-term rental. Remember to account for this temporary lodging in your budget since you can’t expect family or friends to accommodate you for free. Should you choose the other option, you also need funds for rent and other usual home expenses.
  10. Professional services
    Renovating a condo is not as easy as it sounds. Sure, you can do some simple modifications yourself, but major ones require the help of professionals.If your budget allows, enlist the expertise of architects, interior designers, and contractors and even professional real estate agents. They can provide valuable insights into navigating complex building codes so you can rest assured that your renovation meets safety standards and aesthetics.

For instance, an interior designer can optimize space utilization. They can also suggest innovative solutions that harmonize aesthetics with functionality. Contractors such as painters, electricians, and plumbers can also help you execute the construction process efficiently and adhere to building regulations.


Do the Makeover

Whether designing a unit from scratch or making simple modifications, renovating a condo can be challenging but rewarding. You must navigate the complexities wisely To ensure a smooth renovation journey.

Remember, a carefully planned renovation enhances your living space while minimizing disruptions and unexpected hurdles. So, create a sound plan to start your condo renovation confidently and make your dream home a stunning reality.

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