Things to Know Before Hiring Security Guards

Things to Know Before Hiring Security Guards

Security guards provide various services to domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. These include manned guarding, access control, patrolling, surveillance, emergency response, etc. Whether you need to Hire Security Guards in Luton or elsewhere in the United Kingdom, your options are open. Many private companies offer these services in the United Kingdom. So, what should we look for when hiring the services of security guards?

Type of security services

Before hiring security guards, you must know what you need them for. Residential properties may have different requirements than commercial ones. Different businesses may have different needs. So, the first thing to do is to assess your security requirements.

Security assessment

Inviting an experienced company like AZ Security Services to conduct a detailed assessment of your security needs is a good idea. The security company will consider your property type, size, location, the risk profile of your vicinity, the visitor traffic you experience, and several other factors to assess your security requirements correctly. A premises may require a combination of two or more services to create a foolproof security plan. For instance, you may be better off with CCTV cameras and security guards and may not need access control. Once your security assessment is complete, you can decide which services you want. Some of the services which security guards can provide include the following.

Access Control:

Access control involves the use of security guards as well as technology such as biometric devices to prevent unauthorized access, monitor entry/exit points, and ensure identity verification.

Manned Guarding:

Manned guarding benefits almost every other type of property including homes, retail stores, shopping malls, banks, and others. The presence of the security guards acts as a deterrent and provides other services such as screening and surveillance.

Hire Security Guards


Large-size properties such as industries, parking lots, and sensitive buildings may need 24-hour surveillance in the form of CCTV cameras and live patrolling. The latter ensures that live response can be offered in case of emergencies.

Crowd Management:

Venues that attract a lot of traffic, such as shopping malls, musical or cultural centres, sports stadiums, and all such gatherings, can turn chaotic in case of an unfortunate event. Security guards can play a vital role in managing the crowd and ensuring smooth evacuation.

Keyholding services:

Security guards or security companies often provide keyholding services. These include holding the keys to the premises, responding to security situations such as alarms, locking & unlocking, property management, and evidence handling.


Security guards can provide surveillance of various types. They can be stationed in the control centre and monitor CCTV cameras, patrol the premises and provide live surveillance, and be stationed at sensitive points while staying in touch with the control centre to ensure quick response to security challenges.

Licensing and authorization

Once you have decided what type of security guard services you need, the second thing to remember is that security companies must meet legal requirements and industry standards to offer these services. In the United Kingdom, companies offering security services such as security guards must have an SIA License. SIA stands for Security Industry Authority, and the license is a legal requirement. Different types of security personnel may require different licenses. For instance, security guards have a different license than door supervisors. Keyholding services require a keyholding license. Close protection, such as bodyguard services, requires a close protection license. The process of issuing these licenses is stringent and requires people to complete accredited training courses, undergo extensive training, and pass several tests. A criminal check is also carried out for everyone who applies. In short, the security guards of the security company you hire must have the SIA License.

Experience and customer service

When it comes to security personnel, skill and training are essential, and so is experience. Any experienced security company which offers comprehensive security services is always going to be your best bet. Ask about how long they have been in business and their speciality fields. While there are many general security services which most people need, the field of security services is vast, and some sectors require the services of specialists. Ask around about the company you are considering. Talk to their existing customers

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