Things to Know About the Public Holidays in Singapore 2023

Public holidays are the perfect way through which people can get out of their monotonous routines. It’s a perfect way to spend your time with your close buddies and family members and also get to take part in various activities together.

Through the MOM Singapore Holiday, you can take a trip to your favorite destination and get to make unforgettable memories. In Singapore, you will come across official holidays and cultural and seasonal holidays.

Besides that, under the MOM Singapore Holiday, many businesses, including big corporations, give a day off to their employees. That way, workers can enjoy their time with their loved ones and also relax.

The list of holidays in Singapore 

Singapore offers a list of holidays which is celebrated across the entire reason. These are:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Chinese New Year
  • Good Friday
  • Hari Raya Puasa
  • Labour’s Day
  • Vesak Day
  • Hari Raya Haji
  • National Day
  • Deepavali
  • Christmas Day

During these holidays, you can hang out with family and friends, attend various events or occasions, participate in numerous activities, and also get to conduct get-togethers. Otherwise, you can go on a relaxing staycation with your loved ones.

There are certainly many things which you can do during the holidays in Singapore. It will not just reduce your stress levels but also enable you to enjoy the holiday properly.

What are the holiday pay and entitlement in Singapore?

If you’re working in Singapore, there are several entitlements that you will get for the holidays. These are:

  • Pay Day Off

When you have to work during a public holiday, you will be eligible to receive an extra day’s pay. This means you will get the salary that you normally receive even when you don’t work.

  • Additional Day’s Salary 

When you have to work during a public holiday, you will become eligible for an extra day’s salary in addition to the usual pay for that specific day. The employer will provide you with a day off in lieu of the holiday.

  • Foreign Workers [Domestic] 

All the international domestic workers will be eligible to get one rest each week, which is on Sunday. When the public holidays fall on the rest day, employers will provide the domestic worker with another rest day as a replacement.

  • Part-Time Workers

When you work part-time in Singapore, the entitlements for the public holidays might differ greatly as it will depend heavily on the working hours.

Last Note

Public holidays in Singapore are filled with plenty of excitement and activities. You will get the chance to spend your day with your loved ones and also your close buddies. This post contains information about the public holidays in Singapore. Make sure to go through them.

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