They offer a range of kernmantle ropes designed for specific applications

  1. Teufelberger is an Austrian company that produces ropes for various industries, including arboriculture, industrial work, and sports. They offer a range of kernmantle ropes designed for specific applications.
  2. BlueWater Ropes: BlueWater Ropes is a U.S.-based manufacturer that produces ropes for climbing, search and rescue, and industrial applications. They are known for their innovative rope designs.
  3. Yale Cordage: Yale Cordage is a U.S. kernmantle rope manufacturersof ropes used in various industries, including arboriculture, marine, and industrial. They offer a selection of high-performance kernmantle ropes.
  4. Maxim Climbing Ropes: Maxim produces ropes for rock climbing, ice climbing, and other outdoor activities. They offer a range of kernmantle ropes designed for different climbing disciplines.
  5. Cousin Trestec: This French manufacturer specializes in ropes and cords for various applications, including mountaineering, sailing, and rescue. They produce a variety of kernmantle ropes.

When choosing a kernmantle rope, it’s important to consider factors such as the intended use, the rope’s diameter, strength ratings, elongation, and any specific features that might be important for your activity. Different manufacturers might offer ropes with varying characteristics tailored to specific needs, so be sure to research and select the rope that best suits your requirements.

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