These figurines are commonly associated with the holiday

Some common types of angel figurines include:

  1. Guardian Angels: These figurines are often portrayed with outstretched wings and a protective posture, symbolizing their role in watching over and guiding individuals.
  2. Cherubs: Cherub figurines depict small, chubby, childlike angels. They are often associated with innocence, love, and devotion.
  3. Archangels: Figurines representing archangels like Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are known for their specific roles in various religious and spiritual traditions.
  4. Praying Angels: Figurines of angels in a prayerful pose Angel Figurine symbolize devotion, communication with the divine, and meditation.
  5. Musical Angels: Some figurines depict angels playing musical instruments, reflecting harmony and the connection between the earthly and the divine.
  6. Christmas Angels: These figurines are commonly associated with the holiday season and are often part of Christmas decorations, appearing on Christmas trees and nativity scenes.
  7. Victorian-Style Angels: These figurines often have intricate details, elaborate clothing, and a nostalgic, vintage aesthetic.

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