The Most Stylish Office Wear Salwar Suit Design

Salwar suits, being one of the most comfortable ethnic outfits, are even worn casually. Office-going women prefer to wear salwar kameez on a regular basis for a stylish yet elegant appearance.

The outfit consists of a kameez, known as the top, a salwar, known as the pants, and a dupatta, or stole.

There are a variety of Salwar suit designs and patterns available in the market, from which you can choose your favorite salwar suit pattern.

From straight cuts to flares, there are so many choices to choose from. You can get wholesale salwar kameez from an online store that saves your time and energy. 

Stylish Office Wear Salwar Suit

From the countless stylish salwar designs, you can pick your favourite style. Here are some of the most stylish office-wear salwar suit designs for you.

Straight Salwar Kameez

The most elegant and stylish type of Salwar kameez is the straight-cut salwar kameez. These suits consists of a plain and simple kameez that is straight knee length with side slits, paired along different types of salwars.

This straight kameez can be paired with churidar, Patiala, straight pants, or leggings, depending on your choice. The overall look is finalised with a dupatta.

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Short Salwar Kameez

Young girls mostly prefer short salwar kameez as they are stylish and elegant as well. For the office, you can choose a simple frock style or peplum kameez to pair with a straight palazzo or dhoti.

You can pair the matching dupatta with it or ditch it if you want. As you are wearing it at the office, make sure that you choose pastel shades and light designs that match the office culture.

Pant-style salwar kameez

If you are willing to look taller and smarter, a pant-style salwar kameez is the best option. Fitted pants paired with a collar-style straight kameez and a matching dupatta makes a blissful combination.

Fabrics such as georgette, chiffon and printed cotton are the right choice when it comes to office wear.

They are comfortable, giving you all-day comfort and easy movement. The geometric prints and tiny motifs match the office vibes, making you look stylish.

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Palazzo Salwar Kameez

Palazzos are another comfortable and stylish type of Salwar kameez that can be worn at work. Short length kameez are paired with different styles of salwars to make a better fusion.

A-line, peplum  and straight kameez are the best pair for palazzos. All you need to do is choose the right colour and prints for the attire.

Ikat prints and geometric prints are alluring to wear to the office. A contrast-coloured cotton salwar suit is the perfect choice to wear to work.

Floor-length kameez and Fitted Pants

The straight floor-length salwar kameez is also a stylish pick for the office. The long and lengthy pattern of this suit gives the wearer an elegant appeal.

So if you are willing to look taller, then you can definitely choose a straight kameez. The best combination with floor length is a fitted salwar, which can be a churidar or a pant, and a matching dupatta to complete the overall look.

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Slit Pattern Salwar Kameez

The modern ladies always cherish wearing something stylish. A pattern of slit salwar kameez could be the right choice for them.

It is a style related to anarkali with a slit at the front. This slit on the kameez gives it a stylish appearance. As the kameez is long and flared, it is paired with a fitted salwar.

The combination of a churidar with a slit kameez or a fitted pant is the perfect one to go for having the amazing office look.

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Trail Salwar Kameez

A trail-like pattern is related to the kameez, which is long from behind and short from front. As it makes a tail, it is known as a trail kameez.

To match the office look, a trail kameez and a fitted cigarette salwar with matching dupatta make the right fusion.

If you want something more relaxing, you can also pair this kameez with leggings. Add matching accessories, and you will complete the entire look well.

High Neck Salwar Kameez

High-neck or closed-neck salwar kameez are more popular in the winter. Stylish as well as comfortable for office wear.

The closed-neck kameez is beautifully detailed at the neck and looks amazing when combined with a full sleeves pattern.

Straight high neck kameez and a churidar salwar is a must have attire in your wardrobe. If it is made of fabrics like cotton or georgette, then it can even be worn in the autumn and spring seasons.

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A-line Salwar Kameez

It is a replica of the Anarkali kameez. As the top makes an a-line structure it is called a line kameez and is paired with a flared palazzo or fitted pants, depending upon the pattern.

A plain yellow kameez paired with a white palazzo made of georgette can make your office look supremely adoring.

Don’t forget to add minimal accessories and complete your office look with a matching handbag.

Dhoti Salwar Kameez

Keep it classy and elegant with dhoti salwar kameez. It is a trendy and absolutely fashionable style of salwar suit that can be worn at the office for a professional look.

This stunning combination will overwhelm everyone with your style. Just get the right pair of footwear and some pretty accessories to pair with the outfit. Open hair or a French braid will complement the overall look well.

Jacket-style Salwar Kameez

The jacket or cape-style salwar suit with minimal prints and basic colour combinations will make your office look more appealing.

A plain straight kurti worn along with the short jacket and a fitted straight salwar make a stunning combination.

If you love traditional prints and paisleys, then ikat print and boho print salwar suits can ease your look. Wedges or flat bellies will be the right footwear to pair with the suit.

Bottom Line

The overall office look is finalised with matching accessories, so don’t forget to add them. As you are willing to go for a professional and office look, choose your accessories wisely.

Small earrings with a thin chain and an elegant bracelet could be the right match. You can even wear a smartwatch rather than bangles or bracelets for work. 

Small bindi and simple hairstyles complete the look well. Also, when it comes to footwear, choose something elegant, simple, or classic to match the office attire.

If you are tall enough, go for flat shoes, but if you are not tall enough, you can choose wedges or sandals that make less noise. And then you are ready to go!

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