The Environmental Impact of Automotive Lubricants

How to Choose Eco-Friendly Options

No one has ever thought about the danger that’s running in your car. Today, we will look into the nature-related challenges created by engine lubricants. Despite their problems, they are necessary to keep your car’s engine up and running. While the world engine oils market is predicted to reach around $98 billion by 2023. Nevertheless, their production and use seriously risk our environment and our future.

These oils might seem innocent at first. But they are one of the main reasons that add to greenhouse gases. This is a serious problem in the ever-growing automotive industry of the UAE. In 2021, fossil fuel burning produced around 193.5 million metric tonnes of CO2 being released into the air of the UAE. This shows an overall increase of 2% in comparison to the last year’s emissions. Thus, making the UAE one of the largest greenhouse gas producers in the world. Having a burden of over twenty metric tonnes of the deadly gas per person.

But fear not! Understanding nature and making the right choices in Automotive Lubricants in UAE can lead to a better future. Join us as we learn more about these liquids. So we may choose eco-friendly options and reduce the overall impact. Let’s begin our journey towards a cleaner and greener automotive landscape in UAE.

The Environmental Impact of Automotive Lubricants

Many of us don’t feel the need to check our engine oils. Normally, we schedule an oil change according to the time instead of the condition. However, by keeping track of our engines properly, we can change the oil based on its condition. This helps in the early identification of impurities and the oil breakdown. This, in turn, keeps your engine safe and reduces the release of harmful gases.

Changing oil according to its condition benefits you and the environment. Rather than opting for a fixed-time oil change, this method reduces the number of times you change your engine oil. This means a lesser need for fresh oil. Which plays a part in lessening crude oil extraction and processing. Reduction in this means you cut down on other processes that make it useful. The need to transport fresh and used oil also reduces. And finally, it lowers the consequences of getting rid of used oils.

Considering only the creation and removal of lubricants, you will notice their harmful nature-related effects. These processes alone create around 1.5 kg of CO2 per liter of oil. In addition, quitting needless oil changes helps the environment. A report shows that around 10 million tonnes of automotive lubricants damage our environment yearly. Thus, every little effort by you counts.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Automotive Lubricants

While energy remains our top need, we can look for substitutes that benefit the surroundings. By choosing such options, we cut down on the greenhouse effect. This will eventually reduce global warming. Leading to saving our ecosystem from worsening. One such way is opting for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) produced by Castrol UAE. These are biodegradable and have lesser levels of toxins. They don’t gather in nature and naturally break down into harmless things.

This form of oil is renewable and sustainable. This means that they are made from bio-based raw materials. This helps us to count less on non-renewable resources. Thus making them a greener option. You might be thinking that these oils would reduce your engine’s performance. We love to be the bearer of good news. EALs produce higher quality results when compared to commonly found oils. This keeps your engine in perfect condition while making you a more responsible person. Moreover, these liquids are suitable for existing engine technologies. This makes sure that they don’t damage the machinery. So let’s choose eco-friendly options and take a step towards saving our environment.

Biodegradability and Renewable Materials

Three main types of lubricants are good. Bio-based that are naturally made liquids. These materials are renewable and reduce us counting on non-renewable resources. Biodegradable lubricants are those that are easily broken into smaller, harmless particles by natural processes. While sustainability means making products that help the environment in the long run.

The biodegradability of substances is tested through a test (OECD 301). This test checks if the liquid is safe for nature or not. You can look for lubricants that have a higher ranking. Or you can always refer to your local Automotive Services in Dubai. The greater the percentage, the better the substance is for everyone. Some examples of oils and their results are as follows.

Vegetable Oils                                                   90 – 98%

Polyols                                                               70 – 100%

Esters                                                                 75 – 100%

Mineral Oils                                                       20 – 40%

Alongside this, sustainability in developing products is important. This is to meet the needs of both the present and future generations. When it comes to long-lasting lubricants, there is no particular definition. This term is sometimes confused with the terms biodegradable and bio-based. While a substance can be breakable it might not be long-lasting. There are a few factors to consider while looking for sustainable options. Such as, the source of the lubricant is eco-friendly. Moreover, it has little to no carbon footprint and provides good engine performance. We can find the right products if we keep these points in mind.

The Road to a Cleaner and Greener Automotive Landscape

Now that we have learned the effects of lubricants on nature, we can make a better decision. Being responsible can reduce smoke release from our car engines. We can go for greener solutions. Such as bio-based, biodegradable, and sustainable energy sources. These steps will cut down on environmental harm and keep our car engines smoother.

The easiest way is to look for the “biodegradable” tag on your lubricant products. Choosing plant-based products is the safest option. As they have natural sources. Moreover, they have greater slipperiness. Thus making them the perfect automotive lubricant. However, plant-based options get limited due to their higher melting points. Make sure that you buy vegetable-based products that go through treatment. This is so your engine stays safe.

Conclusion: Embracing Eco-Friendly Automotive Lubricants

There is a never-ending need to find greener options in the automotive industry. We can play our part in saving the environment by making the right choices. You can visit your local automotive advisor for more information. Such as the Central Trading Company LLC, which provides you with the safest lubricant options. Now it is up to you to sustain our world for future generations.

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