The Cost of Hearing Aids in Adelaide: Understanding the Fees and Expenses

According to the World Health Organization, around 466 million people worldwide have hearing loss, and this number is expected to increase to over 700 million by 2050. If you are experiencing hearing difficulties, you may need to consider getting hearing aids. Adelaide has many audiologists and hearing clinics that offer a wide range of hearing aids at different price points. 

Cost of Different Types of Hearing Aids

The prices of hearing aids in Adelaide vary greatly. However, here’s an approximate breakdown of the types and their associated costs:

  • In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids: Best suited for people with mild to severe hearing loss. Prices for a single aid can range from $1,500 to $3,167.
  • Behind-the-ear (BTE): Used by people with mild to profound hearing loss, and they range in price from $2,698 to $3,247 per aid.
  • Receiver-in-canal (RIC): Designed for people with mild to severe hearing loss and range in cost from $2,466 per aid.
  • In-the-canal (ITC): These are custom-made to sit inside the ear canal and can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $4,900 per aid.
  • Completely-in-canal (CIC):  They are custom-made to sit inside the ear canal and are smaller and less visible than ITC hearing aids. They range in price from $1,500 to $4,000 per aid.
  • Invisible-in-canal (IIC): These are the smallest aids available and similar to CIC aids. They can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,100 per aid.

What is Included in the Cost of Hearing Aids?

The cost of hearing aids in Adelaide typically includes professional services, such as fitting, programming, repair, and maintenance of the device, for a specified period of time, which is often two to four years. Some providers also offer initial diagnostic testing for free or as part of the bundled price.

Options for Pensioners

Pensioners and other eligible individuals may be eligible for financial assistance to help cover the cost of hearing aids in Adelaide. The Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program provides eligible pensioners and veterans with access to fully or partially subsidised hearing services, including free hearing tests and a range of hearing aids.

To be eligible for the Hearing Services Program, you must hold a current Pensioner Concession Card, a Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Gold Card, or a DVA white card holder. If you meet these criteria, you may be able to access free or subsidised hearing services through the program.

Ear Wax Removal in Adelaide

In addition to hearing aids, many audiologists also offer ear wax removal services in Adelaide. This procedure involves removing ear wax from the ear canal using specialised tools or ear drops. Ear wax removal in Adelaide normally costs $90, though this price might change depending on how long the treatment takes.

With the right hearing aid and professional services, individuals can improve their quality of life by experiencing clearer and more natural sound, making it worth the investment. By understanding the fees and expenses associated with hearing aids and ear wax removal, individuals can make informed decisions and prioritise their hearing health.

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