The Best Evening Private Desert Safari Dubai


Do you enjoy spending time in the desert? Would you like to engage in a variety of activities there? Then Dubai is the place for you! A private desert safari Dubai is one of the main attractions in the UAE for the tourists visiting there. 


A Desert Safari in the Evening is a must-do trip if you visit Dubai for the first time. During your trip, you will be picked up in a four-wheel drive from your hotel and driven out to explore the Arabian desert in a convenient roundtrip mode.


There is no better way to experience the magnificence of the desert than on an evening desert safari. Undoubtedly, the evening tour will appeal to those who enjoy dessert, as it is filled with excitement.


The Evening Desert Safari includes a BBQ dinner, dunes bashing, dune buggy rental in Dubai, camel riding, belly dancing, and photography. Let’s find out in detail what these activities entail and offer you the best safari tour in Dubai.


Dune Bashing


The activity of dune bashing is one of the highlights of any desert safari. It is typical for private desert safari Dubai to begin with a dune bashing session, typically carried out in a four-wheel drive vehicle where you arrive from your hotel as part of a desert safari tour. The vehicle’s tires are deflated for more excellent traction on the sand dunes. 


On the high and low dunes of the desert, a professional driver manoeuvres the vehicle with years of experience. Dune-bashing rides are similar to roller coasters because of their speedy motion. A dune bashing option is available both in the morning and in the Evening of a desert safari in Dubai.


Dune Buggy Riding


A dune buggy rental in Dubai is an exciting option for those seeking an off-road adventure during a desert safari. The dune buggy is a lightweight, open-top vehicle designed to traverse sandy terrain and conquer sand dunes.


Although it is similar to dune bashing, dune buggy tours are more personalized, where you can drive the vehicle yourself. In contrast, dune bashing is part of a guided tour where a professional driver does the work to give you an adrenaline-pumping ride. 


If you want solely dune buggy tours and nothing else for your desert trip, you can contact Enduro Bike Advanture for advanced booking and the best services. 


Quad Biking


Quad biking would be great for those who enjoy dune bashing and dune buggy rental in Dubai. Known as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), you can ride quad bikes on high and low dunes. Plus, having to drive the ATVs yourself makes the experience even more enjoyable. 


ATVs can be manoeuvred on the dunes by anyone, even a novice driver. You can learn how to drive quadbikes efficiently on dunes by practicing. Ensure that you wear safety gear and adhere to the directions given by the guides at all times. Following these instructions will make Your desert ride enjoyable and safe.


Sand boarding


Sandboarding is a form of snowboarding that is performed in the desert. This game aims to slide down a dune while balancing on a snowboard-like board. Sandboarding is ideal on the 200-300 meter high dunes.


When you first start snowboarding or sandboarding, you may require several tries before successfully descending the slope. Additionally, desert camp instructors guide you further if needed. 


Riding a Camel


Camel riding is synonymous with private desert safari Dubai, and a desert safari wouldn’t be complete without them. Camel rides are included in many evening desert safari packages, but they are generally short and last a few minutes at maximum. 


That’s why you must choose a desert safari that offers a longer duration of camel riding so you can get a chance to experience how the Arabs travelled in the past while also allowing you to explore the desert further. 


Shisha Smoking


The tradition of smoking shisha is integral to Arab culture. As far back as the olden days, it was one of how Arabs enjoyed social interaction. Various shisha cafes and restaurants are available in desert today to enjoy shisha smoking on your evening desert safari.  


A desert safari is not complete without the experience of smoking shisha. Please listen carefully to the instructions before you try a shisha for the first time. It is possible to choose from various flavours when purchasing shisha, such as apple, grape, mint, vanilla, banana, etc.


Entertaining Performances


Evening desert safaris are not limited to adventurous activities. Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy entertaining performances. Belly dancing is part of a desert safari that many company offer. Also, the Tanoura dancer performs a mesmerizing performance. Fire dancing and falconry are also included in some desert safari tours to make them more memorable. 


Buffet Dinner


A buffet dinner concludes most evening desert safaris. Usually, a desert dinner consists of a starter, a main course, and a dessert. Traditional Emirati dishes will be served, as well as famous international dishes, as part of the dinner. A buffet dinner in the desert usually includes barbecued vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.


A Desert Sleepover


An overnight private desert safari Dubai combined with an evening safari is an excellent choice if you wish to spend more time in the desert. There are many tour operators that offer both in a combined package like the one provided by Desert Planet Tourism Services.  


Overnight desert safaris let you sleep in tents or sit around a bonfire under the starlit sky after spending a hectic day in evening activities. You will have an unlimited supply of Arabic tea and coffee if you wish to relax at night and enjoy the beauty and quiet of the desert. As a bonus, you can also enjoy a gorgeous desert sunrise.


Best Desert Safari Tips


Here are some helpful tips to prepare for an evening desert safari trip. 


  • Make your safari reservations in advance. There are also special discounts available online.
  • Before you purchase a desert safari package, ask for details.
  • To have a safe and enjoyable experience, choose a guided desert safari that includes roundtrip transportation.
  • It is ideal to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Cover your shoulders with something and wear a wrap. Make your outfit complete with sneakers, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal before a dune buggy rental in Dubai or sandboarding to avoid feeling unwell.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to capture the beautiful moments of your desert safari with a camera.
  • The desert is cooled by a cool breeze in the evening, so you may want to bring a stall or a sweater.




The best evening private desert safari Dubai is an enchanting experience that combines the beauty of the desert landscape with thrilling activities and cultural immersion. From witnessing mesmerizing sunset views to engaging in dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding, the evening safari offers a range of exciting adventures for every traveler.


The best evening desert safari in Dubai promises unforgettable memories that will stay with you long after the adventure ends. Embrace the magic of the desert and embark on an evening safari that captures the essence of Dubai’s unique landscape and cultural heritage.

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