The 5 Best Long-Distance Moving Companies

Many people need long-distance moving services that can carry their commodities to their desired places. As they cannot take the risk of damage, they look for the best services in this matter. However, it is not easy to find the best movers in Geneva, il. Here, we have given you a list of five popular options for moving companies. You can choose the best one that meets your requirements.

1- New City Moving

This moving service is included in the list of the most recommended movers in Chicago. The reason for this is, that they commit their clients to give them the very best in moving as well as packaging services. Their trustworthiness and punctuality are highly famous in the moving industry. 2009 was the year when this company was established. New City Moving came into being in Bucktown. Within a short duration after their establishment, they were given the proposal to join the BBB, Illinois Movers, Angie’s List, and Warehouseman Association as their performance was outstanding. 


Want to benefit from exclusive storage services? New City Moving is an amazing choice for you. Their storage facilities free your tension about where to keep your luggage or goods. Long-distance moving is also the service area offered by them. Their customers show significant satisfaction with this facility of New City Moving. They also offer you some furniture assembly services. You can also get local and commercial moving facilities from this firm. Moreover, you do not need to worry about packing and unpacking after assigning this moving service for transporting your goods.

2- H2H Movers

They are the local Chicago movers who deliver your belongings to your desired place with utmost care. They also give you a free estimate that will be comprehensive and distinct. They also walk you through the details before closing the deal so there are no surprises for you. If you need, box rental is also provided by them. Other specialties include ABF, ZippyShell containers, and U-haul Trucks. Their trained professionals know what is required to transport your move safely. This company was established in 2013, however, it earned popularity in 2019.


They offer commercial and local services for business owners. They also offer furniture assembly facilities that can be beneficial for you. Partial packing, full packing, and unpacking are some of the most important services that this company gives to its clients. You can also get video consultations from their agents.

3- Bellhop moving

Bellhop provides excellent shifting services to its buyers. This is the reason they have got significant popularity as an innovative substitute for old-school moving companies in Chicago, IL. It aims at changing the conventional moving industry into a highly reliable one. They provide service to their customers in a simple and understandable way. They connect their logistics platforms with the famous and well-reputed Chicago movers and experienced truck drivers to deliver the best to their clients.


Bellhop moving does not only offer you local moving facilities. They have a long list of facilities for you. Their customers benefit from the commercial services that save their business costs and prevent them from facing losses. These service providers also show their expertise in furniture moving. They also give some extra attention to the safeguard of such delicate items. They even comfort you by offering furniture assembly solutions. This moving facility provider also offers long-distance moving.


Providing you with the lowest priced yet reliable and stress-free moving services is the goal of Move4U. Their business strategy allows them to give the lowest rates in the market. Additionally, they bear trained and experienced moving staff to serve you with their best. Their expert workers have experienced nearly every imaginable situation in moving. They assure their customers that their possessions will be handled with care. They also charge no hidden fees from their potential clients. If you select MOVE4U to transport your items, you will be satisfied in every aspect.


They offer nearly all the services that their competitors are providing to their clients. These facilities include:

Local moving, furniture moving, senior moving, furniture assembly, virtual consultations, and packing, unpacking, & crating

5- Murphy Family Movers

Murphy family movers is a family-owned moving business and they ranked as the #1 local movers in Geneva, IL. The prime motto of this firm is to provide its clients with outstanding moving services. They avoid compromising the quality so that their clients remain satisfied with them. The important characteristics of this business make them the best movers in Illinois. It is their duty to give you a professionally trained staff so that the moving process can be smoothly run. They figured out how hectic it is to move the objects from one place to the new one without causing any damage. That’s why they present you with a combined 25 years of professional moving experience.

Service Areas:

This company is offering many exclusive facilities to their customers. Interstate moving and packing your items to protect them from damage are their most important services. Storage facilities and commercial moving are also offered by Murphy Family Movers.


Finding a good moving company is highly important for people. However, they can not get access to the good ones easily. If you are looking for the best long-distance movers in Illinois, this blog will be highly beneficial for you. You can use the above-mentioned five options of moving services and choose the most appropriate one for you.

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