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Teacher Training Action Plan 2022-23


The primary goal of the teacher training action plan for the academic year 2022-23 is equipping future teachers with the ability to foster learning in the classroom setting. It also encourages an improved identification of student requirements for which teacher training is essential as it is helpful for the trainees in comprehending with their students completely. 

2022–23 Action Plans for Teacher Training 

Preparing the Future Teachers

The teacher training course should be thoroughly thought out and planned in advance. The resource person or trainer must anticipate how each lesson’s components will work together, from the introduction to the evaluation. Before the session starts, the training materials, schedule, exercises, remarks, and all other components should be practiced, reviewed, and double-checked.

Make the objectives clear

Having a clear goal leads to more effective capacity building. You as future teachers will have to expand mental energy guessing the purpose if it is unclear or overly wide. This effort ought to be focused on comprehending the program’s substance. A well-defined goal specifies the final behavior or intended result of the training course. Getting the learning points is a good way to accomplish the goal of the training program. The knowledge and new skills that you should acquire as a result of the training are clearly stated in the learning points. 

Making the teacher training participatory

The most effective trainers and resource persons understand that for the teaching objectives to be met in a fun and interesting way, the future teachers must actively participate in the session. The future teachers or trainees typically don’t remember information unless they have the chance to experience and replicate the material for themselves.

Designing group activities

Creating group tasks where members can come to decisions inside the group or engage in competition with another group is essential in planning a teacher training program. Activities conducted in groups yield better graining results for the future teachers in managing their responsibilities of the classroom and students. 

Designing Content-Containing Activities

The teacher training programs of 2022-23 contains different programs like real-time teaching opportunities, games related to teaching contents, quizzes, testimonies, etc that can help future teachers stay engaged in the program of teaching and learning.

Promote Questioning

One of the most helpful tools in training sessions is the questioning technique. Inquiries from students are a crucial component of any effective educational endeavor. The trainer should emphasize at the beginning of a session that questions are welcome, and the resource people should ideally encourage the future teachers or trainees to ask questions. Also, the instructor ought to pause from time to time and ask the participants directly. Depending on how long the sessions last and how quickly they go, you may need to pause questions more or less, but you should never stop asking them altogether. 

The questioning technique is one of the most useful tools in training sessions. Student inquiries are an essential part of any successful educational project. At the start of a session, the trainer should make it clear that questions are welcome, and the resource persons should ideally encourage trainees or future teachers to do the same. Additionally, the instructor should occasionally pause and pose direct questions to the participants. You may need to pause questions occasionally, depending on how long the sessions go and how quickly they go, but you should never stop asking questions altogether.

Increasing pedagogical proficiency

The present teacher training programs strongly emphasize improving the future teacher’s pedagogical skills. It involves teaching future teachers not only what areas they should teach but also knowledge of the ways of imparting education to their students. The pedagogical skills also include the future teachers’ learning capabilities of assessing the progress of their students along with the teaching principles and theories. They are also provided knowledge on tailoring their methods of teaching to meet the learning and absorbing capabilities of diverse students. This approach is responsible for enhancing the teacher’s skills in managing both traditional and digital technologies and methodologies of teaching and learning. It includes the implementation of digital tools or platforms for accessing the systems associated with modern education. 

Enhancing the pedagogical skills of future teachers is a top priority in the current teacher training programs. It includes imparting knowledge on future educators about how to effectively teach students in addition to the subjects they should teach. Together with the teaching theories and principles, the future educators’ learning capacities for evaluating their students’ progress are also included in the pedagogical skills. They are also given information on how to modify their teaching strategies to accommodate the varying learning and absorption capacities of their pupils. The goal of this approach is to improve the teacher’s ability to manage both traditional and digital teaching and learning technologies and methodologies. It involves putting in place digital tools or platforms for gaining access to the systems connected to contemporary education.

Final Reflection

The teacher training action plan for 2022-23 essentially entails training aspiring educators for every eventuality related to the shifting landscape of educational systems. It equips educators to provide their pupils with a high-quality education and effective behavior that will support their personal and professional growth. 


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