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Explore the Beauty, Values And Benefits of Tanzanite Gemstones.

Explore the beauty, values, and benefits of Tanzanite gemstones.

The sensual tanzanite gemstone possesses brilliant beauty and dazzling attractiveness and is an incredible choice jewel for all purposes. This December birthstone is a mineral of zoisite, rebranded by Tiffany & Co., from its previous designation of blue zoisite. It has sparkling diamonds accented with calcium aluminum silicate, turning it into a silicate gemstone. For a dazzling look, it must be designed on tough, glossy metal, as it rates 6-7 on the Mohs scale. Of all colorful gems, tanzanite outshines with its violet-blue to deep blue. This magical Tanzanite gemstone can transform in vivid ways. Its rare and bluish-purple hue enables us to release negative vibes and channeling of energies for greater fortune. Read below to learn more about this healing crystal guide that speaks to your heart.

 A gemstone of transformation

Symbolizing and cherishing everlasting change, Tanzanite is apt for considering fate and fortune that may sometimes be overlooked. The bluish tones of the stone define strength and soul, and, perhaps, its rarity has won the hearts of all. However, because of the rarity of this stunning gem, the right price per carat may vary. Tanzanite, is the most gorgeous stone that has ever been discovered. The trichroic structure of the gem causes a transformation of its color based on the angle of the light hitting it. Its variation of shades includes violet, indigo, and the deepest, darkest blues. Apart from its aesthetic worth, it possesses healing properties and significant vibrational energies. Its tranquility encourages us to be relaxed and let go of mental constraints.

Benefits of Tanzanite

Capturing classic hues, the Tanzanite gemstone is soaked in mystery and majesty. This gem has high energy and vibrations, making it a perfect source for meditation and spiritual healing. Rejuvenating and renewing our strength facilitates psychic abilities and leads to opening oneself to cosmic possibilities. Look how Tanzanite helps us to acquire happiness, equilibrium, and a deeper sense of purpose.

Physical healing

Perfectly craved on gleaming metal, tanzanite adds wonders to your health. This gem endorses regeneration, which means damaged skin, hair, and cells can turn into full, glowing health. This brilliant indigo gem is also helpful during the recovery process after illness or surgery. The beautiful violet light gem can be used to attempt to break free from an addiction to alcohol or any other addictive substance. Last but not least, Tanzanite’s calming effects are positive on the nervous system and help the brain protect against stress.


Emotional healing

The timeless magnificence of this mesmerizing tanzanite also helps in emotional healing and has an uplifting effect. Tanzanite gemstones are known to shower their affection on you while you indulge in all the pleasures your soul deserves. This stunning and contemporary gemstone provides affirmations of decisions that we often need in our lives. Moreover, they encouraged natural, and heartfelt ways to stay grounded. In addition to all of that, it eases the concept of crisis by helping us get over fears and release worries.

Sagittarius Zodiac

Those who are born under the sign of Sagittarius can greatly benefit from wearing Tanzanite. This gemstone encourages them to use their strengths and overcome obstacles standing in their way. Sagittarians are loyal, generous, and brilliant people, and Tanzanite helps them function in these areas. This stone helps them become receptive, generous, and considerate. Sagittarians are known to be authentic, and Tanzanite reminds them to stay connected with their inner wisdom.

Additional benefits

Despite being known for many benefits, Tanzanite brings additional benefits in the following way

  • Enhanced overall charm in one’s personality.
  • Extravagant look because of the vivid hue.
  • Cosmic gemstone for spiritual well being.
  • Improve communication wherever it is placed.
  • Wonderful companion for amethyst, garnet, and tourmaline for sharing sanity .
  • Simple cleaning rituals.

How to wear?

Nothing can block the vibrational negative energy like a healing stones as they rub against the skin. These gemstones facilitate the transmission of healing energy to the area that most needs it. When worn as a pendant, tanzanite  keeps in close proximity to the throat, where it can dissolve obstructions. You can also stimulate your third eye chakra and stay in touch with your inner wisdom by wearing a pair of Tanzanite earrings. If you wear a Tanzanite bracelet around your wrist, the gem will be placed against your pulse, sending out healing and positive energy throughout your entire body. 

Final thought

No doubt, Tanzanite is a positive yet empowering gem. It does a lot of work, but interestingly, it never burdens you with extra weight. Instead, Tanzanite turn you softer and add their true nature. At Navratan, we understand the importance of choosing the amazing possibilities of the glistening rays of the truth of Tanzanite. This enables us to maintain a wonderful and infinitely-minded state. That’s why we offer you certified and authentic gemstones for an extra dose of energy for your daily routine as well as to achieve something amazing in life.


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