Survivor Tips for Newbies about IDENTITY V

Identity V is without a doubt one of the most adrenaline-pumping survival horror games that the freemium video game industry has ever produced. The hunter-versus-prey gameplay that is fundamental to the game’s design has attracted millions of fans of survival horror games from around the world. Since 2018, the game has been able to successfully grow not only its gameplay structure but also its roster, so providing players with a roster that features a broad cast of characters from which to choose.

In keeping with the theme of characters, we will be presenting you with some helpful pointers today on how to become a capable survivor in the game. Taking on the role of a survivor demands intelligence and cunning, after all. So without further ado, have a look at the list of advice that we have below.

Survivor Tips for Newbies

Before we delve into the primary issue, it is important that any new players have a general understanding of the responsibilities that come with being a survivor. The first thing to understand is that getting away from the hunter and staying hidden is the primary priority of every survivor. The second aspect of the game is that each of the four players who have managed to escape the island has a unique function to fulfill.

In order to successfully escape, the survivors need to decipher five of the seven cipher machines and unlock one of the two exit gates. In order for any of the aforementioned duties to be completed successfully, the four survivors will need to cooperate with one another.


identity v tips survivor guide


Types of Survivors

It is important for new players to understand that there are four distinct classes of survivors in the game. Having said that, it is essential that you and the other people who have survived the disaster cooperate or, at the at least, have a general understanding of the role that each of your characters plays in order to achieve optimum effectiveness.


The Junker is the name given to the first category of survivor, and these are the individuals who are experts at slowing down and distracting the hunter. The Junkers are nimble survivors that are armed with one-of-a-kind abilities that have the potential to daze, impair, or confound the hunter. This group of survivors includes characters such as the thief, gardener, magician, enchantress, and acrobat, to name just a few examples.


Survivors of the game Rescue or Saver are the ones who are tasked with rescuing players who are imprisoned in the Rocket Chair. The hunter is vulnerable to the saver’s special abilities, which cripple, counter, and divert their attention. Characters such as the Grave Keeper, the Coordinator, and the Mercenary are all examples of those that fit within this group.


As the name of this subcategory suggests, “Aids” or “Healers” are survivors who make it their primary focus to maintain the viability of other survivors. These survivors come equipped with healing and buffing abilities, which allow them to lend a hand to other survivors who are in need of assistance. In addition to that, these individuals who have survived are able to decode machines. This subset of survivors includes notable figures such as the Doctor, Priestess, and Seer, to name just a few instances.


Survivors who have honed their skills in decoding machines or ciphers are known as decoders. Decoders are able to decipher any of the machines at a far faster rate than the other survivors. Some of the survivors are even able to break two ciphers at the same time, which will make the team’s escape much easier and possibly even quicker. This group of survivors includes characters such as the Mechanic, the Prisoner, and the Explorer, to name just a few instances.

Callout and Hiding Spots

In order to survive, you need to have the intelligence to memorize the layout of the map and learn the precise position of every hiding place. This indicates that before you go looking for ciphers, you need to give the location of lockers and other hiding areas the highest priority that they deserve. Once you have found a handful of excellent places to hide, you may then move on to your primary mission, which is to seek for ciphers and assist your friends in any way you can.

Additionally, you should never be afraid to get in touch with the other people who survived. If you choose to play the game as the lone survivor, you will eventually lose and be eliminated from the competition. If you are a healer, it is imperative that you constantly prioritize healing your teammates whenever you get the chance. It will be much simpler for you to go away if all of your teammates are still alive and well.

Play Identity V on PC

You can play Identity V on Snow Rider 3D on your personal computer.
It is time for you to get back into the game now that you have a general notion of how to perform the role of a survivor. To that end, playing Identity V on your personal computer is hands down the best option. Simply navigate to this page and follow the on-screen directions to complete your download!

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