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The Life and Career of Sherry Dyson : From Humble Beginnings to Success

Sherry Dyson has had success in her life. She has strong mathematical abilities. Sherry Dyson, however, rose to fame as a result of Chris Gardener. She was married to this successful businessman. He served as a motivational speaker as well.


Virginia served as Sherry Dyson’s birthplace. She used to reside permanently in America. She had begun her career as a professional mathematician there. As a result, she has pursued a successful career. Many people have been inspired by her career. 

The 20th and 21st centuries saw her triumph continuing. She had endured a great deal of hardship. She nevertheless kept on with her work. She gave it her full attention. She made every effort to pursue a career in mathematics. She has taught numerous kids in schools. She has taught maths to pupils even in colleges. She had considered getting married after that.

Quick Facts

Real Name   Sherry Dyson

Profession   Mathematician

Hair Color    Black

Eye Color     Black

DOB    1 May 1949

Birthplace   Virginia, a Southeastern U.S State

Nationality   American

Famous As  Mathematician

Marital Status   Divorced

Marriage    June 18, 1977

Husband  Chris Gardner

Children   Christopher Jarett Gardner Jr.(son) Jacintha Darlene (daughter)

Ethnicity   Black

Religion   Christian

Early Life or Background

On May 1st, 1959, she was born in Richmond, Virginia. She grew up in a middle-class household with two working parents, where she learned proper behaviour and morals. Her father was a funeral director and owned the A.D. Price Funeral Home. Her mother worked as a teacher. We can infer that she was motivated to pursue a profession in teaching and mathematics by her mother. She lived with her family in the same house during her adolescence till she started college.

Sherry attended the University of Michigan to pursue a master’s degree after finishing her early education there. After that, she drove herself to Morgan State University to finish her degree in mathematics because she was passionate about the subject and wanted to pursue her teaching career.

Sherry grew up in a polite family where she was born and reared. Her mother, a schoolteacher, inspired her with a strong sense of purpose. Her father was a funeral director. When she was a young girl, she went through a horrific tragedy. She tragically lost both of her parents in a horrible mishap that was brought on by a mistake.

Marriage Life

While they were both undergraduates at Harvard University in the 1970s, Sherry Dyson and Chris became friends. They went to the movies together, and as a result, they started dating. Later, they combined families and relocated to other cities. They spoke on the phone for several hours every night until their distance separated them. Gardner asserted that the phone bill once totalled about $900 following their previous divorce. Sherry Dyson was inspired by this to pen her autobiography.

Sherry and her partner shared a home for almost 9 years. She married Chris Gardner in 1977. During the Virginia wedding at the Dysons’ home, Chris’ Navy pal Leon Webb served as his groomsman. For the important occasion, the two-story venue was decorated with chandeliers, valuable wall art, and southern hospitality. The motivational speaker also bought Sherry, his ex-wife, a $900 marriage diamond ring with credit.

They were an upbeat couple at the beginning. The couple soon welcomed Christopher Jarret Gardner as a son. His birthday is January 28, 1981. However, the pair finally started living apart. However, Sherry and her husband separated in 1986. Sherry was severely traumatised as a result of that. Their breakup was caused by several factors. She had not, to be completely honest, enjoyed her marriage.


Despite her achievements, she was dissatisfied with her life. She had a shattered family, which is why. Sherry and Chris had been married for nine years. They split up after that. They frequently fought during their marriage. At the time, Chris Gardener was involved in several partnerships. Sherry was already aware of it. Due to her children, she was unable to take any action. After all of this, Gardener did, however, divorce his wife. Additionally, he proposed to his student. Sherry Dyson’s family life was ruined as a result. Together with a new woman, Chris Gardener began a new life. Sherry was, however, left alone as usual. It was not a good omen for Sherry’s future.

Chris Gardener and Sherry Dyson’s relationships used to be contentious. Additionally, they realised that those issues could never be resolved. These disagreements led Chris and Sherry to part ways. He was only waiting for this chance to present itself. Sherry experienced a marriage-shattering event as a result and separated from Chris.

Sherry still manages to be a strong woman in the face of all obstacles. After the divorce, she carried on with her work. Despite the work she had put in, she did not receive much praise. Chris Gardener wrote “Pursuit of Happiness,” a book that includes a study of both Sherry’s and Chris’s lives. The inspirational subject serves as the book’s main focus. You can learn a lot of motivating things from it. Chris Gardener discussed his accomplishments in the book. Such accomplishments’ processes may serve as an example for you.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Sherry has a net worth of $500,000. Her ex-husband Chris, who formerly battled homelessness, is currently reported to have a net worth of $70 million. The Pursuit of Happiness, a biographical drama film based on the businessman’s autobiography of the same name, was released in theatres and garnered significant media attention. Hollywood celebrity Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith starred in the project.


At every stage of her life, she was content, but it had its limits. She worked very hard day and night, but she also became very ill. She experienced signs of physical depression with each setback in her life. Sherry made an effort to maintain her smile but instead broke down in tears. Unfortunately struggled with crippling sickness in her later years. She died on April 7, 2000, when she was 51 years old.

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