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Sexuality is a necessary part of life for all individuals. A fulfilling sexual life contributes to having a successful marriage. But many problems arise when sexual fulfillment is not attained. Because it causes a marriage to dissolve. You may take a vacation from your stress when you experience sexual pleasure. But Sexologist in Dubai lead to many problems for many individuals.

These conditions are curable. A sex specialist is a counselor who offers treatment for many types of illnesses. If you are looking for a Sexologist in Dubai – Male-Female Sexual Dysfunction? They help individuals and couples in overcoming the taxing condition of sexual dysfunction. It affects all genders and each individual may experience different symptoms. It is also crucial to seek the advice of sexology professionals. They can discover the best treatments for them.

What is  Sexologist in Dubai?

It is an interdisciplinary discipline that draws on several fields of knowledge. Among other disciplines. It also covers biology, sociology, and psychology. It involves investigating the mental and physical. And also psychological aspects of sexuality in humans. Understanding how people behave in interpersonal interactions is also helpful. They offer with several sex-related problems. Male-Female Sexual Dysfunction is treatable by a Sexologist in Dubai. This illness impairs a person’s capacity to enjoy sexual pleasure. So resulting in physical intimacy issues. That can be both mental and physical. They use cure to address the underlying problems. It also allows people to return to enjoying their personal relationships.

What are the Signs of a Sexual Disorder?

The symptoms of difficulties might differ amongst candidates. It also affects both males and females. But it depends on the gravity of the Problem. The following are the primary signs of the issue:

Sexual problems among Men:

  • The inability to get and maintain an erection for intercourse.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Despite proper sexual arousal, ejaculation is missing or delayed.
  • Inability to control ejaculation timing (ejaculation too early or too late).
  • Pines are short in size.

Women’s Sexual problems:

  • Inability to enjoy orgasm.
  • Before and during intercourse, vaginal lubrication is inadequate.
  • Inability to relax vaginal muscles to permit intercourse.
  • Severe pain during intercrouse.
  • Urinary leakage issues.

What are the Most Common Reasons for Sexual Dysfunction?

 Sexologist in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Concerns about sexual performance, and also feelings of guilt over sexual desire. It also involves issues with self-esteem or body image. And the consequences of previous sexual trauma and abuse. But a bad sexual encounter might impede sexual function. The primary causes of sexual dysfunction are as follows:

Common Causes of Male Sexual Dysfunction:

  • Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, or hormone imbalances cause ED.
  • When a guy ejaculates too fast because of worry, stress..
  • A hormonal imbalance can have an impact on sexual desire.
  • Mental health problems, including worry and stress.
  • Mental illness can lower libido and make it harder to get an erection.
  • Conflicts and discontent in a relationship can have an impact.
  • Smoking, drinking, and substance abuse.
  • Lack of Exercise and Poor Nutrition
  • Urological infections or cancer
  • Blood pressure is too high.
  • High cholesterol levels.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Nerve damage

Common Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction:

  • Menopause, pregnancy, and motherhood can all cause changes in sexual desire.
  • Hormonal fluctuations can be uncomfortable during intercourse.
  • Chronic health conditions, such as diabetes.
  • Psychological variables can impair sexual desire and make orgasm difficult to achieve.
  • A woman’s self-esteem and sexual happiness suffer from body image.
  • Past sexual trauma might Cause sexual problems and anxiety.
  • Communication concerns, trust issues, or discontent with a partner.
  • A lack of emotional intimacy in a relationship can be harmful.

What are male sexual issues?

There are several male sexual issues. It may differ for each candidate. The following are the most important interpersonal issues:

  • A lack of libido:

It is a widespread issue that affects one in every five men and women. Your degree of interest is not the same as your accomplice. But some people may suffer a decrease in Libido. But a lack of charisma might show the presence of a serious medical problem.

  • Penile Expansion:

People with a tiny penis face many Difficulties. The most difficult difficulty was a lack of sexual pleasure. Also, the displeasure of the spouse. It can also cause difficulties in conceiving a kid. While some people may not experience any issues because of it. But it can also induce weight gain. Medical methods for penis extension are accessible. And also aid in increasing the size of the penis. Penile augmentation is another name for the medical method for penis development.

  • Early Ejaculation:

Sexual brokenness manifests itself as premature discharge. This happens when a man experiences a climax. It also produces sperm early. It happens either before or after insertion during intercourse. This discharge can be a painful event. It also makes your sexual relationships less desirable.

  • Erectile Dysfunction:

It is the inability to maintain penile hardness. It is natural, yet many people believe it is insurmountable. They must also understand that they will have to live with this condition. Bloodstream infections are common reasons for erectile dysfunction.

  • Discharge at Night:

It is a nocturnal outflow that is intriguing dreams. In which a person has the mandatory sperm release while sleeping. It is also a condition distinguished by sudden discharge. During stimulating dreams, of sperm.

What are Female Sexual Problems?

Many women are likewise worried about their intimate relationships. Because it has an impact on more than postal delivery. The following are the most important:

  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD):

It is the most prevalent issue among women. It is a persistent lack of sexual desires and a desire for sexual involvement. Because it has the potential to impact women of all ages. There are several elements that contribute to this problem. Physical, psychological, or interpersonal factors.

  • Female Organ Dysfunction:

It is the incapacity or difficulty in maintaining an orgasm. But despite appropriate sexual stimulation. It can also be distressing and also lower the sex pleasure. Women in the scenario have no sexual desire or sentiments.

  • Painful Intercourse:

It is a recurring pain during sexual intercourse. It is sometimes referred to as dyspareunia. Many factors can contribute to it. Infections and hormonal imbalances are two examples. There are also psychological issues.

What are the available therapy options?

There are several therapies available to address sexual issues. But you should seek the help of the greatest Sexologist in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Because everyone is unique. They also need special consideration. The primary therapeutic options are as follows:

  • Medications:

Medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are very effective. These drugs improve blood flow to the penis. So it helps by making erections enhance.

  • Instruments for Vacuum Constriction:

A hoover is created around the penis by these gadgets. Because they aid in drawing blood into the region. The approach helps in the achievement and maintenance of an erection. The procedure is non-invasive and painless.

  •  Sexologist in Dubai:

For men who have severe erectile dysfunction. They also did not react to alternative Treatments. Surgical procedures such as penile Implants. And vascular surgery are also dependable options.

  • Hormone Therapy:

Hormone therapy is the use of medications to regulate hormone levels in women. It works well for ladies who have sexual problems. As a result of menopause or hormonal imbalances. It can help with symptoms and also sexual function.

  • Laser Therapy:

CO2 laser treatments aid in the treatment of a range of Female Sexual Diseases. Vaginal dryness, laxity, and urinary incontinence. These therapies promote tissue regeneration. The method also improves sexual enjoyment.

How much does the treatment cost?

The Cost of Sexologist in Dubai for Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction is reasonable. But, the costs are not constant. It depends on a variety of circumstances. Because everyone suffers from a variety of sexual illnesses. The following factors can affect the procedure’s cost:

  • The expert’s knowledge might influence the cost.
  • The therapy choice.
  • The target area’s severity.
  • The candidates’ physical condition.


Sexology in Dubai is a safe and dependable way to improve your intimate life. Because it is a fantastic resource for individuals. And couples that want to better their personal relationships. Couples may overcome challenges and improve communication. They may also make a relationship more fulfilling and enjoyable. Using the expertise and guidance of sexologists.

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