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Tax filing is an important thing which should be done timely to avoid any inconveniences. It is mandatory for everyone, a businessman or an employee to manage their financial life and tax filing is an important legal issue. There are different software’s and websites available where you can file your tax. Or, there are some service providers who can help you with tax filing. But, if anything goes wrong with the tax filing, then it is a matter of headache. We are going to provide you some tips about tax filing services, so that you can maintain your financial issues. Read this article to know about tax filing in detail so that you don’t make any mistake while doing it.

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1 . Start the process earlier:

Since you need to pay the tax within a period of time, why should you wait to start the process. In case of simple tax filing, start the process as soon as possible and you can do it through e-file too. And in case of complex tax filing, you may need to gather knowledge about the method and you should seek help from a professional of tax filing services. And then organize the documents properly and recheck it before submitting. It may take time to gather all the documents after knowing the process, so start earlier.

2 . Apply for extension if needed:

If you think you won’t be able to pay the tax within the deadline, go to the website of the Internal Revenue Authority of Singapore and apply for a one or two month extension as per your demand. If you ignore it and the tax is not paid within the due date then, the IRA will charge you with penalties and interest. So you can consult a tax filing professional. But they want to help you too and that’s why you should follow the procedure properly, so that you can take your time to make the payment without paying extra money.

3 . Choose e-filing:

You can use online portals for e-filing which is a very convenient way for tax filing. Here you need to fill in all the details to proceed to the next page. And if you have missed out on anything then you can’t proceed to the next step, so there is no chance that you will miss to put all the information. And if you have made any mistake while filling the form they will verify electronically and you can see the mistakes and correct them.

4 . Provide account details:

You need to provide all of your bank account details for GST filing Singapore. If you have multiple accounts and you should not miss out on any of them. And you should mention whether the account is current or, savings along with providing the account numbers and be very careful while doing it. You should also mention the IFSC code of the banks well. If any there is any dormant account in which you have stopped any transaction, then you can skip that. If you Don’t understand these things then you must contact a tax consultant.

5 . Report all your assets and income:

While tax filing you have mentioned all your assets and income properly. In case you are having foreign accounts, foreign property or shares in any foreign company, you should report that too even if those are not taxable. Since all those foreign assets of yours need to be protected, govt. will keep a record of that for your own good. 

6 . Verify all the documents carefully:

Most important thing while GST filing Singapore is to gather all the required documents at first. You can take help from an expert if you don’t know about the requirements to fill the form. In case you are an employee you will need to provide a salary slip and in the case of a businessman, you will need to provide documents related to investment, business account, and profit and loss in your business. And make sure you have gathered all the verified documents and uploaded them properly.

7 . Choose correct ITR:

In case you are doing it offline then you should choose the right ITR form to fill up. And if you are going for e-filing then you must choose the correct ITR portal. And the money you have paid as a tax can go to the wrong hands. So be very careful about choosing the right ITR and fill the form correctly to complete your tax filing.


We hope that this article will help you to gain knowledge about tax filing. We will recommend you to choose a tax filing services in your area, so that the process is done without any error. In case of simple tax payment you can also do it by yourself but you must remember this vital points.

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