10 Mastering Scan to Pay Techniques: A Guide to Contactless Payments

Scan to Pay for a Contactless Payment

The checkout line moves slowly as customers fumble for cash and cards. You look at your watch, anxious to get going. If only there was a faster way to pay! Enter scan to pay – the new contactless payment method that is revolutionizing retail. 

By scanning a quick response (QR) code via your smartphone, you can now breeze through checkout counters in seconds. According to recent surveys, over 75% of shoppers now prefer contactless payments over cash. It’s easy to see why when you consider the benefits. 

Scan to pay is incredibly fast, taking just half the time of a typical cash transaction. It’s also more hygienic and environmentally friendly than cash. But the biggest benefit is the seamless, stress-free payment experience. No more frantic searching for your wallet in those crucial moments. 

In this blog, we will explore what scan to pay is, how it works, and provide a step-by-step guide on setting it up and using it for seamless, contactless payments. Let’s get started!

What is Scan to Pay?

Scan to pay represents the future of seamless mobile payments. This contactless payment method allows you to instantly pay for purchases by scanning a QR code. But how exactly does it work? And what are the main benefits of using it?

Definition of Scan to Pay

It refers to a contactless payment method where a customer utilizes a smartphone app to scan a Quick Response (QR) code and authorize the payment. The code contains merchant account details to facilitate the instant transfer of funds.

How Scan to Pay Works

The process is simple. First, open your scan to pay-enabled app. Next, the merchant provides a QR code on the bill or point of sale. You scan the code using your smartphone camera and enter the payment amount in the app. Finally, confirm the payment using your PIN, fingerprint, or face recognition. The transaction is completed in seconds!

Pros of Scan to Pay

It offers many benefits compared to cash or card payments:

  • Faster checkout time
  • More hygienic with no exchange of currency or cards
  • Seamless experience right from your phone
  • Better tracking of expenses

By providing a smooth contactless payment solution, it improves convenience for customers and merchants alike.

Popular Apps that Support Scan to Pay

With it gaining popularity, leading payment apps have integrated this feature for easier mobile payments. Which apps should you use to enjoy the benefits of contactless transactions?

Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the most widely used payment apps with it. It’s simple to set up with your existing Google account and supports UPI payments. Send or request money and scan QR codes at supported merchants for lightning-fast checkouts.


Paytm is a pioneer of QR code payments in India. It has its scan and thru solution in it which can be used to pay at local stores and chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks. Paytm lets you instantly pay bills and sends payment reminders for added convenience.


PhonePe has emerged as a popular online payment app. It allows you to recharge, pay bills, and send/receive funds easily. PhonePe also offers rewards on payments and supports scan to pay at over 10 million merchant outlets.

How to Use Scan to Pay for Payments?

Ready to use it for faster checkouts? Here is a simple step-by-step guide to complete contactless payments through scan to pay in seconds.

Setting Up Scan to Pay

To get started, download a scan and thru solution or a scan pay supported app like Google Pay or Paytm on your smartphone. Sign up by adding your bank account, and cards, and set a UPI PIN. Enable the necessary permissions in the app and you’re all set!

Scanning the QR Code

When making a purchase, look for the it QR code printed on the bill or displayed by the merchant. Open your app, choose scan option and point your smartphone camera at the code. The merchant details will auto-populate.

Authorizing Payment

Once the merchant details are captured by scanning the code, enter the amount to be paid and provide authentication through your UPI PIN, fingerprint, or face recognition on your smartphone.

That’s it! The app will confirm when payment is successful and generate an electronic receipt. With it, your purchases are completed in a few taps without reaching for your wallet.

Benefits of Using Scan to Pay

Scan to pay offers a host of advantages that enhance the payment experience for consumers and merchants alike. Let’s look at some of the top benefits of using scan to pay.

Faster checkout

Scan to pay streamlines the checkout process by eliminating the need for cash handling or card swiping. Customers don’t have to wait for the merchant to calculate change or sign paper receipts. Transactions are completed in seconds through quick QR code scans.

Improved Hygiene

Since it minimizes physical contact, it is more hygienic than handling cash and cards. Customers simply have to scan a code on their phone rather than exchange currency notes which may spread germs.

Easy Tracking

All scan to pay transactions get logged into the app securely. This makes it easier to track expenses and manage budgets by viewing payment history and downloading statements.

Enhanced Security

Payments via scan to pay offer more security as sensitive financial information is never shared. Transactions are authorized by the customer through PINs, biometrics, and other authentication mechanisms.

By adopting scan to pay, customers, as well as merchants can enjoy faster, cleaner and more convenient payment experiences. This innovative contactless method truly revolutionizes digital transactions.


It has ushered in a new era of seamless contactless payments. By harnessing the power of QR code technology and smartphone apps, it has transformed tedious cash and card transactions into swift digital experiences. 

As we have explored, setting up and using scan to pay is quick and straightforward with the right apps. It speeds up checkouts, enhances hygiene, improves tracking, and guarantees secure payments. No longer do customers have to fumble with wallets or wait in slow-moving queues. And merchants can now provide smooth, paperless payments to delight customers. 

With countless benefits for all stakeholders, it is easy to see why scan to pay is being rapidly adopted across retail. The future is contactless and scan to pay provides the ideal blend of simplicity and security to keep pace with our fast-moving world.

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