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Saving a Marriage in 5 Steps

You may wonder, “Is it possible? Is it so easy?” The answer is Yes. It is possible, and it is also easy.

If you are looking to rediscover the joy, affection, and intimacy in your marriage again, you have come to the right place. Maybe something went wrong in your marriage, and now you are wondering how to make things right again. Can you get back the happiness you once had with your beloved when you began your journey together? Can you save your marriage?

In a marriage, two people with different personalities come together. Sometimes their upbringing and cultures may be different too. Even when there are not many differences between a couple, it is natural for some conflicts to arise.

But sometimes, conflict and dysfunction keep recurring, leading to anger and bitterness. This can be fatal for the marriage. The negative emotions that are generated in a failing marriage can be overwhelming. It can lead to separation and, eventually, a divorce. As you know, divorce can be pretty ugly, with couples fighting over child custody, pet custody, alimony, and so on. It can sully your personal and social lives in ways that are unimaginable.

This article talks about 5 different ways to resolve your marital problems, whether they involve miscommunication, misunderstandings, lack of fulfillment, and loss of hope. These methods can save your marriage by resolving such problems. Do not ignore the issues in your marriage, as they may spin out of control.

Step 1: Accept that there are problems in the marriage

The first step is to admit that problems exist. Unless there is 2-way communication and a cooperative attitude from both partners, these steps cannot save your relationship. If your spouse shows a lack of interest in saving the marriage, you can use these methods to influence them in a positive way. You can also improve your inner life and even save your marriage with your own efforts.

Step 2: Explore the Marriage Issues

On your own, begin the process of determining your marriage issues and possible solutions. The next step can be executed together, but this stage has to be done on your own. Both the partners must sit down separately and write a list of the marriage issues from their own perspective. This will demonstrate that both partners are serious about saving the marriage.

Try to use the following guidelines:

Assemble facts about the issues that you perceive.

Make your own assumptions (these should be based on a true effort to understand your spouse’s personality, background, experiences, and the facts that you assembled).

Create your own solutions.

Step 3: Explore the Problems and Solutions Together

The next step to save your marriage is for both of you to sit down together and have a cordial discussion about your marriage problems and solutions. Speak openly and be respectful in your communication. Listen to each other carefully and seriously consider what your partner has to say. If the communication lacks clarity, try to discern any subtle hints.
Use a calm, friendly, and back-and-forth communication style.

Identify which of your individual problems have impacted the marriage negatively. They may be differences in major decisions, a lack of intimacy, work and home stress, a lack of intimacy, and/or infidelity.

When it comes to describing a grievance, speak about how you felt and avoid blaming your spouse.

If you get into an argument, take a break until both of you have become calm. Then continue the conversation.

Do some brainstorming. Write down all the major issues that you both have in the marriage.
Let the discussion bring together some good ideas from both partners. Continue this until you come to an agreement on the solutions to save the marriage.
Make sure you achieve the goals together. Hold each other accountable for the same.

Step 4: Seek Good Advice

Seek advice from close friends and family. They should be people who truly care about you and know you both well. You can also read some good books and try counseling. This will give you more options. You will realize how to make your relationship work. Try to evaluate the advice you get. It should work well for you and your spouse. Following a wrong suggestion can derail your efforts.

Step 5: Reignite the Love

The best way to save your marriage is by reigniting your love and passion for each other. Restore the romance in your marriage with some pleasant surprises and active wooing of each other as well as honesty. Go for a candlelight dinner. Show your affection in playful ways. Get away for the weekend.
Being honest with each other can work wonders to save your marriage as it paves the way for healing. Rediscovering the passion you once shared can cement the relationship-building efforts that both of you are making.


If you follow all these five steps, sooner or later, your marriage will be on the road to recovery. Through these 5 steps, you can initiate the process of restoring purpose, passion, and emotional connection in your marriage. No matter how difficult things are, don’t let it stop you from trying to save your marriage.

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