Private Yacht Tour

A yacht charter is an unforgettable way to explore some of the most breathtaking vistas on Earth. From the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean to the rocky shores of Croatia, your personal crew and private boat charter can take you where your imagination leads.

Whether you are dreaming of the white sand beaches of the Bahamas or the nightlife of the Cote d’Azur, your luxury yacht charter can be a trip to remember forever. Contact a MarineMax charter expert to help you plan a journey that fulfills your fantasies.

A private cruise can be a romantic experience for two or a perfect setting for a family reunion. You can also invite friends or business associates to a cocktail party aboard a private yacht. In addition to dining and relaxing, a private yacht tour can also be an educational opportunity to learn about the marine environment or history of a certain area.

The best time to enjoy a private yacht tour depends on the destination. The Mediterranean is busiest from June to September, while the Caribbean is popular in winter as North Americans escape frigid temperatures. If you are looking for a more secluded experience, consider the shoulder months of May or November.

A seasoned professional captain and crew will be on board your private yacht, so you can relax and enjoy the trip. They will know the best places to go, what activities to suggest and how to avoid crowds.

In the Mediterranean, there are a number of high-end private yachts that can accommodate groups of up to 24 people. You can expect luxury amenities such as a Jacuzzi, a sunbathing platform, onboard massages and gourmet meals from an onboard chef. In addition, the experienced team will help you plan activities that will make your cruise a memorable one.

During the summer, some of the most popular private yacht tours depart from Portofino and Amalfi, Italy. These trips are more expensive than those that leave from other ports. However, you can also find great deals in the shoulder seasons of June and November.

Sailing in Alaska is possible year-round, though the season can be shorter than in Europe and Asia. During the peak of the summer, many Alaskans leave for a yachting vacation in the Caribbean or Europe to escape the heat and humidity. Some charters even operate during the off-season, although the weather may be less predictable.

If you want to have more leisure time on your private yacht tour, consider hiring a host/hostess. This person can prepare meals for breakfast and lunch, stock the yacht with groceries throughout the week, and assist you in arranging excursions. In most cases, the host/hostess will dine with you, but you can usually request her to prepare food for other members of your group as well. This is an excellent option if you are travelling with children or others who have special dietary requirements.


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