Podcast Live-Streaming: How to Maximize Your Reach

A podcast is a popular way to grab the attention of the audience, they are generally pre-recorded audio and video content that covers a specific topic. With the advancement in technology and growing demand for watching live-stream of content, podcast live-streaming is an efficient way to increase the reach. There are many platforms available where you can live-stream podcasts like social media platforms, broadcasting services, OTT platforms, Spotify, and more. Live-streaming of events provides multiple benefits that can help, like wider reach, engagement, branding, sponsorship, and more.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can live stream a podcast and what are the benefits and key things to remember. But first, we will talk about the difference between podcasting and live-streaming

What Is a Podcast?

A podcast is a way to engage the audience with pre-recorded shows that can be available in audio and video formats. Podcasting is the concept of discussing a particular topic that can be available in an array of niches. Like educational, informative, news, sports, comedy, or anything that the podcaster would like to talk about. It can be a series of episodes that can be broadcasted through different channels and can be available on-demand because they are pre-recorded.

What Is Live-Streaming?

Live-streaming is a way to showcase the ongoing feed of an event in real-time through live-streaming services. It is an effective way to engage the audience as they can access the event at their own convenience and is a valuable tool for every industry. Also, it is a popular way to grab the attention of the audience because they love to watch real-time events because they are not filtered. 

What Is Live Podcast Streaming?

Podcast live-streaming is unedited and unfiltered content that is being broadcasted in real-time via streaming platforms. They are more engaging than traditional podcasts because the audience can interact through different features, and they can be recorded with them. Later it can be provided on-demand to increase the reach. To live-stream a podcast, you don’t need extra equipment, just the basic setup is enough, a mic, headphones, and a camera. What you will require is a platform where you can showcase your content, and you can choose it easily.

Benefits of Podcast Live-Streaming

Live-streaming a podcast provides you with versatile benefits that can help in multiple ways. Some of the interesting benefits are discussed below.

Better Engagement

Live-streaming a video podcast provides better engagement with the audience by making a direct connection with them. Through this, they can have a sense of trust with the podcaster and will be able to connect in a more enhanced way. Because podcasting can be done in an array of niches, it is easier to target your desired audience through live-streaming services.


Live-streaming is a cost-effective way to increase attendance because it doesn’t require multiple pieces of equipment. All you need to do is get a microphone and a camera to start your podcast journey. There are multiple free live podcast streaming services available where you can showcase your content.

Branding and Sponsorship

With podcast live-streaming, there are better chances of getting brand recognition and sponsorships. It provides the opportunity to be in highlights so that the sponsors and brands can find you. It also provides the scope of collaboration with popular people like celebrities, YouTubers, content creators, or brands. Which can help in gaining attention and making your podcast popular.

Wider Reach

Live-streaming services provide a wider reach for your podcast because they can be watched by anyone across the globe. Through this, you can attract a more targeted audience, and they will be able to interact with you. This can help in increasing the reach of your podcast.

Best Practices to Follow for Podcasting

Now that your podcast has gained popularity and attention, you need to create an effective podcast show and for that, you need to take some considerations. To not face any trouble, here are the best practices that you can follow.

Consistency Is the Key

Many content creators experience a certain rush in the starting journey, and through this, they shut down in just months. To grow your presence and increase the number of audiences and reach, it is important to stay consistent. Because this will help in building something that is sustainable and forms a stronger connection with your audience.

Spread the Word as Much as You Can

As soon as everything is decided with your podcast live-streaming, you need to start doing promotions. With this, you can reach your target audience effectively and it will increase your reach. Take the help of social media platforms and follow the best practices of social media marketing. 

Make It Interactive and Ask for Reviews

It is best to keep your audience engaged and give them a voice in your show. Ask them for their thoughts and opinion on the topic, and host a Q&A session with them to make it more interesting. Create a review and rating system, or ask them to leave a review via email or comments. This can help in better understanding and insights into your audience.

Make Collaborations

The best practice to follow for your podcast live-streaming is to collaborate. You can invite guest speakers to your podcast or make an interview session with a popular personality. Content creators are the best option to collaborate with because they already have a large audience who rely on them for information, so inviting them can help in increasing your reach.

Last but Not Least, Test Your Podcast

Test your podcasting platform with all your equipment before starting your podcast. This will ensure that you won’t have to face any problems during live-streaming a podcast. Another thing to consider is to keep a backup of all the equipment you use in case of emergency, and also keep a recording of every episode.


Podcast live-streaming has many advantages, and it has replaced the old ways of podcasting. Showcasing raw and unfiltered content can grab more attention and target the desired audience. With the help of live-streaming services, you can broadcast your episodes that can be streamed by the audience from anywhere. Also, it can help in a wider reach and generate revenue through branding and sponsorships. 

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