Playing Strip Poker – Know How to Play

Poker is a fun game and can be fun for everybody who plays it and you can also find cash games, tournaments, etc. Strip poker is also a game which has become a part of the pop culture which you might have seen in the movies and TV shows. 

In this blog we are going to tell you about what is strip poker so that you are going to learn about it more and will also know how you could play it. 

Strip poker – What is it?

Strip poker is all about stripping just like it is in the name or you could say surprising and is not about defeating your opponents hence, you could leave the tricky side of yours at home. 

You would not need it when you are playing strip poker, other than to hide your face when you are only left in underwear in the game. Yes, the main target in the game of strip poker is to simply get your opponents naked also to keep your clothes on your body as long as possible. 

Everybody has a different approach for playing strip poker game as there might be some people who would feel comfortable in swim suit whereas there would be come people who would start panicking once their shirt is off. 

Main focus should be on keeping the atmosphere light and funny for everybody and there are no losers in the game if you just want it for entertainment. 

Playing Strip Poker – How is it done?

When you will play strip poker the biggest challenge you are going to face is with the rules of the game which you will know about in this blog. 

You first of all need to get into a group of people who have the same wave length and are open to the idea of sitting and playing card and also in getting naked. 

To play the game you will require a deck of cards which is the only essential thing for strip poker, chips and drinks are optional and you can get them if you want to. 

The rules in strip poker and not so rigid and specific and you do not need to stress out for it, as the game is just to enjoy and have fun. 

If you have chips then the articles of clothing are mostly the chips, and before starting the game you should decide what type of accessory can be considered as an item of clothing. 

Also, everyone must wear almost same number of accessories as it will not be fun that someone is coming wearing 10 rings on their fingers and trying to cheat the system. 

As for how to play strip poker you can do it either like five card draw, or like texas hold’em cards, or any other card way you want to. 

Before starting the strip game you must talk to everybody in advance and should only call those people who are comfortable with it. 

If you wish to get some additional details about strip poker then you could have a look at Gambjet.com website.

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