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Outdoor Movie Experience: 10 Movies That Are Perfect for Watching Outside

The perfect outdoor movie experience is one where you’re surrounded by your friends and family, watching a great movie in the summer air. It’s like magic, really—and it can be done without having to spend a fortune on tickets or concessions! Here are 10 movies that are perfect for watching outside.

The Goonies

  • The Goonies
  • A group of kids who live in the ‘Goon Docks’ section of Astoria, Oregon witness their friend Mikey Walsh find an old treasure map while they’re exploring a cave. The kids go on a journey to find the treasure before it falls into the hands of a family of criminals known as “The Fratellis” who are also looking for it.

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday is a classic romantic comedy starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. The story follows a young woman who gets to spend a day with a reporter while on vacation in Rome, Italy. It’s an ideal choice for an outdoor movie experience since it features beautiful scenery, an upbeat soundtrack and some lighthearted romance that will keep you smiling throughout the entire film!

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is a classic movie about dinosaurs that escape from their enclosures and run amok on an island. Based on the book by Michael Crichton, this 1993 film was directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant and Laura Dern as Ellie Sattler. The story focuses on John Hammond’s (Richard Attenborough) attempt to build a theme park with genetically engineered dinosaurs, but things go wrong when they break free of their pens and begin attacking people.

The movie was filmed at Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii and Universal Studios Hollywood backlot sets were used for scenes set inside the park itself

Pretty in Pink

It’s hard to imagine a time when John Hughes wasn’t the king of teen movies, but Pretty in Pink (1986) was his first big hit. The movie centers around Andie (Molly Ringwald), a working-class girl who falls for her rich classmate Blaine (Andrew McCarthy). The film launched Ringwald into stardom and made her one of the most iconic stars of the decade–and she did it all while wearing some seriously amazing clothes!

The soundtrack also helped make this movie so popular: It includes songs by The Smiths and The Psychedelic Furs that are still played today on classic rock stations across America. If you haven’t seen Pretty in Pink yet, I highly recommend adding it to your list because it’s an excellent example of how important music can be when watching an outdoor screening under the stars–and what better way is there than with friends and family?

Old School

Old School is a comedy about three friends who decide to start their own fraternity. The plot follows their antics as they try to get the frat up and running, which includes hiring prostitutes for rush week and stealing a rival’s mascot.

The movie was released in 2003 and stars Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn as the main characters. It also features many other well-known actors including Jeremy Piven (Entourage), Craig Kilborn (The Daily Show) and Rob Corddry (Childrens Hospital).

The setting for Old School takes place at Santa Monica College where our main characters attend classes together during their senior year at high school; however after graduation they do not see each other for several years until one day when Mitch Martin decides that he wants his own fraternity house so he can throw parties every weekend with his two best friends Frank Ricard III & Beanie Wells IIIIIIIITTTT’S TIME TO ROCK!!!


Grease is a great choice for an outdoor movie experience. It’s about a girl who falls in love with a boy, and it takes place in the 1950s. If you’re not familiar with this classic film, here are some things to know:

  • The main characters are teenagers.
  • They drive around in their cars and sing songs together!
  • John Travolta stars as Danny Zuko (the guy) while Olivia Newton-John plays Sandy Olsson (the girl).

Grease Sing-A-Long Edition

If you are looking for a movie that can be watched outside or in a theater, Grease Sing-A-Long Edition is the perfect choice. It’s great for all ages and can be enjoyed with friends or family.

Watching this movie will give you the chance to sing along with some of your favorite songs from the ’50s and ’60s like “Summer Nights” and “You’re The One That I Want.”

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a 1986 American teen comedy film written and directed by John Hughes. The film stars Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller, a Sloane High School senior who skips school, pretending to be sick so he can spend the day in downtown Chicago with his girlfriend Sloane Peterson (Mia Sara) and best friend Cameron Frye (Alan Ruck). Ferris regularly breaks the fourth wall to explain techniques used by actors or give insight into their characters’ thoughts and feelings; he also often addresses the audience directly.

The movie was produced on an estimated budget of $6 million dollars and grossed over $70 million at the box office ($140 million in 2016 dollars). It was nominated for numerous awards including two Academy Awards: Best Original Screenplay for Hughes and Best Supporting Actor for Ruck’s performance as Cameron Frye.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a 1994 film that was nominated for Best Picture and Best Actor in a Leading Role, among other awards. The movie follows the life of Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks), who is slow-witted but good-hearted. After accidentally becoming a football star at school, he goes on to become an army hero during World War II before eventually becoming famous as an author and running across several famous figures from American history along the way.

This movie makes for an excellent outdoor screening because it’s set in the 1960s–when people wore bell bottoms and hung out at drive-in movies with their friends–and has plenty of warm summery vibes throughout its runtime!

Back to the Future – Part 1 and 2 (1985)

Back to the Future is a classic movie, and it’s also a good one to watch outdoors. It has everything you could want in an outdoor film: comedy, action and adventure. It’s a great choice for kids because there aren’t any scary parts. And it’s fun for adults too! This movie has plenty of funny lines that will make everyone laugh out loud. If you’re having people over for an evening outside watching movies then this would be an excellent choice because everyone can enjoy themselves watching this film together.

There are a lot of great movies that are perfect for an outdoor movie experience.

There are a lot of great movies that are perfect for a Backyard Movie Night. However, there are also some films that should not be watched outside. You need to choose a good location and make sure that your audience is receptive to the film you’ve picked out. This list will help you narrow down the options so that everyone can enjoy themselves while they watch!

(1) “Jurassic Park” (1993)

This Steven Spielberg directed classic is one of those films that everyone has seen in their lifetime at least once; it’s been around since 1993 after all! But if there was ever a time where it could be enjoyed again by new audiences, this would definitely be it because now we have better technology than ever before allowing us access into worlds like Jurassic Park without having gone through all those crazy technical difficulties building dinosaurs from scratch back then… um… kidding! Anyway… if your friends/family aren’t familiar with these characters yet then maybe start them off somewhere else first before bringing them over here because otherwise they might get lost along the way–and trust me when I say: You don’t want anyone getting lost when trying out something new like this!”


We hope that you’ve found this list of 10 movies perfect for watching outside to be helpful. If you have any other suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

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