Organic Baby Hampers: Natural and Safe Choices

When it comes to shopping for little ones, parents want nothing but to buy safe and best products for their babies. That’s why, every conscious gift-giver prefers gifting an organic baby hamper Singapore. Along with being practical for new parents, they include natural and safe goodies that promote the well-being of babies and conserve the environment. Organic hampers are filled with a variety of organic items. For example, you can see organic clothes that are made from sustainable materials like cotton and bamboo. Such items stay gentle on the young one’s delicate skin. Moreover, blankets, towels, and even toys are made from safe organic materials that make perfect choices for the little one. By getting organic hampers for parents, they have peace of mind that their kid is using safe products, leading to a healthier start to their life. This article discloses some of the pretty and practical organic baby hampers that make natural and safe choices for the little ones. Let’s dig in!

Lovingly Signed:

From shopping for gifts to purchasing an organic baby hamper Singapore, Lovingly Signed is a one-stop shop to meet all your gifting expectations. The environment-conscious team ensures that their products are made of eco-friendly materials that are not only safe for the babies but also for the environment. This is what every parent wants! So, let your soon-to-be arriving baby enjoy safe yet cute items that they will cherish forever. 

Although every item at this store is made of sustainable materials, here are our top picks of organic hampers from Lovingly Signed. 

Bamboo Essential Set

The all-time moms’ favorite Bamboo Essential Set is filled with all the eco-friendly essentials that are safe for your baby. Grab this affordable set to get a bamboo bib, a hat, socks, and mittens. Moreover, the fabric is stretchable and breathable so your little one feels comfortable in them. Also, the material acts as a natural sweat-absorbent so your baby remains fresh all day long. Available in beautiful blue and pink colors, pick the one based on your baby’s gender.

Personalised Beige Grabber Set

The Personalised Beige Grabber Set features the sweetest of all Jellycat Bunny and a lovely Blossom Bea Beige Bunny Grabber. Get ready for some hip hops in the garden as the bashful Bunny is ready to entertain and play with your baby in leisure time. The Bunny Grabber is disguised as a yummy doughnut for the little one to hold and enjoy the sweet rattling sound. The duo of the bunny pair is irresistible. Since it is suitable from birth, don’t regret skipping it!

Bashful Bunny Bundle

Is your little one a bunny lover? If yes, then this Bashful Bunny Bundle set is specifically designed for your baby. Included in this set is a premium Bashful Bunny Blanket that is soft and comfortable, a Jellycat Bunny to hug with, and a Bunny Comforter to cuddle with. What’s best is that all three items can be personalised to elevate their charm. The blanket is made from pure 100% cotton and both bunny pals are safe from birth. Don’t worry about the safety as Lovingly Signed promises it!

Personalised Organic Essentials Set

Just another perfect gift set for environmentally conscious parents! The set includes a long sleeve bodysuit made from bamboo fabric. Since it is an eco-friendly material, the safety of the baby and the environment are guaranteed. Moreover, you can get a 100% pure Organic Cotton Blanket. Personalise both items to make them a perfect keepsake. This gift can be presented on any milestone. And there is no best way to provide essentials that are natural and practical.

Organic Cotton Blanket Duo Set

Why pick one Organic Cotton Blanket when Lovingly Signed provides a wonderful bundle of two? Provide your kid’s room with two different eye-catching looks with these blankets. Available in a variety of colors, it surely looks appealing. Lovingly Signed’s organic cotton blankets are soft and breathable so little ones can stay comfortable and cool in hot weather. Let babies get peaceful sleep in these cozy blankets.

Gender Reveal Gift Set

Surprise new parents with this magnificent Gender Reveal Gift Set! Depending on the gender of the baby, avail this set in blue and pink colors. This set will get you a soft Organic Cotton Blanket and a bashful Jellycat Bunny. Both goodies pair up to provide comfort and security to the baby right from the start of their life. Undoubtedly, the best gift for a gender reveal party!


On the whole, every hamper at Lovingly Signed includes only natural and organic products for the little one. Conserve the environment and get safe choices for the little ones. Without any second thoughts, grab an organic baby hamper Singapore from Lovingly Signed and let new parents go ‘Wow’.

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