OncoEMR Software- The Oncologists Lucky Charm 

As you have landed on this page, we suppose you are an oncologist by specialty. The number of cancer patients is increasing day by day, leading to a high patient influx. This puts strain on the work environment of the Oncology care centers if they opt for manual data management. But in these tiring times, EHR solutions are here to assist providers in every aspect of oncology care.  

One of the widely-implemented Oncology records that tops the chart breaking all the records, is OncoEMR. This guide will take you through all its unconditional aspects. We will also help you with the most controversial theory that cost-free solutions like Office Ally Practice Mate are equally effective for oncologists. It is not that way. It’s just what people say to misguide providers hoping to hinder their productivity. Cost-free solutions are not always the best choice.  

So, let’s dive into the fine details to learn astounding facts about OncoEMR and break all the superstitions.  

OncoEMR- A Leading Oncology Solution 

OncoEMR is a leading oncology care software that allows oncologists to have the best of both worlds. It is a tech-driven solution ensuring value-based care with patients at heart. This intuitive cloud-based solution supports 1500 plus live interfaces integrating with 150 plus healthcare vendors. It connects with tons of comprehensive EHR, inventory management, and charge capture systems to facilitate oncologists.   

The OncoEMR software supports PDMP integration so oncologists can prescribe easily following compliance rules. Additionally, this innovative platform features a clinical decision support service backed by NCCN for supporting treatment procedures. Embedded with clinical content, OncoEMR software improves care strategies. The oncologists can refer to NCCN templates and AJCC staging content to ensure improved care outcomes.   

Patient education resources are also available for engaging patients in the care process. The vendor offers Oncology expertise for simplified software implementation so clients can get started with a personalized experience. Also, OncoEMR software supports research to the point of care to identify adverse events. It measures tumors and dives into patient health records for research-based documentation.   

The Feature Portfolio Of OncoEMR 

The OncoEMR is rich in oncology-specific features, thus expanding the possibilities of better cancer care delivery. OncoEMR features customizable clinical services that embed seamlessly within existing clinical workflows. Here’s a complete list of features OncoEMR packs for oncologists: 

  • Self-service Portal 
  • Compliance Tracking 
  • E-prescribing 
  • Clinical Decision Support 
  • Intuitive Workflows 
  • Custom Templates 
  • Order Status Tracking 
  • OncoAir- Mobile App 
  • Patient Portal 
  • Integrated Research Tools 
  • OncoTrail  
  • OncoEMR Research Tab 
  • Integration With: 
  • Flatiron Assist Clinical Decision Support Tool 
  • Molecular Profiling Integration 
  • PDMP 
  • Reporting Solutions 
  • 24/7 Customer Support 

OncoEMR From The User’s Perspective 

The reviews of OncoEMR are a must-read for cancer care professionals. The vendor presents patient history logically, making data handling and diagnosis easy. Moreover, this software works at the height of efficiency, featuring encrypted CareSpace patient portals. Reviews suggest this portal gives providers and care teams access to patient records at all times.   

The mobile application of OncoEMR enables oncologists to stay updated with patients’ health on the go. The OncoTrails and clinical-genomic databases are two highly-praised and noteworthy services of this software. On the downside, clients have mentioned in the reviews that the reporting functionality of OncoEMR needs to be improved.   

How OncoEMR Benefits Care Practitioners? 

While exploring the reviews of OncoEMR, we learned how good of a solution OncoEMR is. The vendor goes beyond its limits to assist the oncologist community. It offers countless impressive functionalities ensuring providers spend time with patients and not the computer screens. Aside from that it: 

  • Provides patients with secure online access to medical information.  
  • Supports value-based data capture and optimized reporting capabilities.  
  • Cuts down the administrative and hardware costs.  
  • Enables users to leverage NCCN order templates for simplified care delivery.  
  • Allows for on-the-go care management with robust mobile apps. 
  • Nurtures user-friendly provider experience.   

The Price Analysis:  

The pricing bundles of the OncoEMR are not revealed on the web. Therefore, we can’t share solid facts here about the vendor‘s cost range. However, you should obtain the pricing details of OncoEMR by sending a request to its sales teams.  Considering it’s a specialized solution, there are chances it may charge a bit extra, so send a pricing quote to OncoEMR to find out what it costs.  

Explore The Demo:  

There’s much more to this comprehensive solution, but we can’t share it all in this OncoEMR guide because of the restricted count limit. It’s better if you go for the demo of OncoEMR. Even the cost-free demo of OncoEMR is pretty elaborative and emphasizes on showing clients how flawlessly it handles patient cases. The OncoEMR demo will reveal quality insights about its one-in-a-kind services. So, go for the demo of OncoEMR to dig deeper into its functionalities.   

Is Practice Mate EHR Software A Solid Alternative to OncoEMR? 

It is surely not the case. No doubt, Practice Mate EHR Office Ally is a robust practice management solution tending to multi-specialty practices, but it doesn’t swing this way. Ally Practice Mate lacks the specialized oncology services that are a must for securing positive patient outcomes. It can surely handle the administrative and financial side of the oncology departments, but that is all. You cannot expect Office Ally Practice Mate to streamline the oncology care workflow.  

According to our review analysis of Office Ally Practice Mate, it goes well with practices with simplistic care requirements. It is equipped with services like an integrated clearinghouse, e-prescription, Intake Pro, patient portal and many more practice management services. But as Ally Practice Mate doesn’t run on oncology interfaces, it is not a good fit for Oncology centers. Practice Mate lacks genomic databases, content library, Onco-specific research and custom templates which rules out its probability of being a viable Oncology-specific EMR.  

OncoEMR Software vs Practice Mate EHR Software 

We hope this comprehensive guide clears all the queries on your mind regarding Practice Mate being a reliable Onco EHR. Practice Mate Office Ally is indeed a robust practice management solution but lacks state-of-the-art EHR services. Ally Practice Mate cannot shape patient encounters as OncoEMR software does. So, don’t fall for the provider’s trap and go for OncoEMR if you want to embrace matchless scalability and clinical productivity. 

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