Melbourne Nangs Use Among College Students

Melbourne Nangs are cheap, easy to buy, and a popular drug in student safehouses. They contain nitrous oxide gas that can be inhaled to give you a brief rush of euphoria. But prolonged use can cause a lack of oxygen to your brain and lead to a vitamin B12 deficiency.

The nangs can be bought from convenience stores and online, with 24-hour delivery services offering their products to people as far afield as Melbourne. Some experts are calling for restrictions on nangs, with random spot checks and education campaigns a must.

Melbourne nangs

Cost of Melbourne Nangs

Melbourne Nangs are small canisters of nitrous oxide gas used as an anesthetic in hospitals and dentists and as a propellant for whipped cream. They offer a 20-second chemical high when inhaled through a balloon attached to the canister. They are easy to find online and at late-night food delivery services, often littered around campsites at festivals. Nitrous oxide is also used as a recreational drug among Melbourne teenagers, and there is growing evidence that it can cause permanent damage to the spinal cord.

A girl in her 20s now struggles to walk because of nang-related injuries to her spine. She has lost sensation below her waist and will likely never walk again, and experts warn that nang use by young people can cause similar harms. It is possible to become addicted to Melbourne Nangs and other substances by consuming them regularly, which can lead to a variety of health problems including heart attack, depression, and psychosis.

Robert’s addiction to nangs cost him his fiancee, several jobs, and tens of thousands of dollars. Now he is sober and working a job he loves, but his recovery has been a long journey. He supports restrictions on the sale of nangs and says friends should look out for early signs of abuse such as tingling in fingers and toes or changes in concentration.


The popularity of nangs is being driven by their easy accessibility. These small, portable containers of nitrous oxide can be bought in many supermarkets and service stations. They are also used as an anesthetic in hospitals and dentists, and can be purchased online as well, often for as little as $19. The nitrous oxide is absorbed through the skin, causing a feeling of floating. It is also known as laughing gas and a dissociative anesthetic. It can be consumed orally or inhaled, and is a common party drug. It is not recommended for use by anyone under the age of 16 due to the risks of overuse and misuse.

The Melbourne Nangs are available in major cities, and can be delivered within minutes via a 24/7 Uber Eats-style service. It is not illegal to purchase or own nangs, but it is illegal to sell them for recreational purposes. However, it is hard to stop people from buying them online, as they can be purchased under the guise of ‘kitchen supplies’ and then shipped directly to users’ homes.

Robert would consume up to a dozen nangs in a session, causing him to lose coordination and fall over. His addiction cost him a fiancée, several jobs, and tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Now months sober, he has a new job and is rebuilding his life piece by piece.


Despite being highly addictive and extremely dangerous, Melbourne Nangs are still readily available in Melbourne. You can find them at gas stations, corner stores, and online retailers. They come in small cylinders that look like whipped cream canisters. The cylinder contains nitrous oxide, which is a colorless and odorless gas. The drug can be inhaled through a balloon or sucked into the mouth. It’s often referred to as hippy crack or laughing gas. The gas prevents oxygen from reaching the brain and can cause dizziness. This can lead to falls and trips, so it’s important to be careful when using nangs.

The availability of Melbourne Nangs has also led to an increase in cases of abuse. For example, one man developed a severe addiction to the drugs after trying them at a party and sucking in one bulb’s worth of nitrous oxide. He lost his fiancée, several jobs, and tens of thousands of dollars. He is now months sober and has a job he loves, but he warns others not to follow his path.

It’s illegal to sell nangs without the required warning, but it is difficult to police. Many vendors advertise on Instagram and TikTok, or through websites that can be easily found with a Google search. They often promote their products as baking supplies, and accept payment via cash or credit card. Some even offer 24-hour delivery services.

Health Concerns

A Melbourne Nangs is a small metal cylinder that contains nitrous oxide, which is also known as laughing gas. It is used to relieve pain in a variety of medical conditions, including muscle spasms and joint pain. It is also used by people who want to feel euphoric for fun. Melbourne Nangs can be purchased at pharmacies and supermarkets. However, they come with some health concerns. For example, prolonged exposure to nitrous oxide can lead to a lack of oxygen in the brain and deplete vitamin B12. It can also cause numbness in the hands and feet.

Nitrous oxide has been used in dentistry and medicine as an analgesic and anesthetic since 1844. It is currently used as a Schedule 4 medicine in Australia. The drug is relatively safe, but there are some risks associated with recreational use. For example, long-term use can result in depression and psychosis. In addition, mixing nitrous oxide with other drugs increases the risk of death and addiction.

Robert, a Melbourne man who used Melbourne Nangs to get high, says that the drug ruined his social life and left him with a terrible case of self-image. His addiction to Melbourne Nangs even led to a break-up with his girlfriend and the loss of his job. He was able to overcome his addiction with the help of treatment. He now has a new job, and his appearance and personality have returned to normal.

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