How to make your pitbull muscular in 2023

Pitbulls are some of the most temperamental dog breeds. Due to their appearance and reputation as fighting dogs, they are often termed as dangerous. However, from my experience, they are just big softies that are misunderstood.

Still, there is no harm if you want to make your pup seem ‘meaner’. I mean, who doesn’t want their dog to look badass? I mean, a person walking with a huge Pitbull is likely to be left alone on the street.

Let us dive right in and see how to make your pittie pup look meaner and more muscular than the others.

How to make your pitbull muscular in 2023:  

All dogs now classified as pit bulls descended from the British bull and terrier and were first imported into North America around the late 1800s. These dogs were primarily bred for the blood sport of dog fighting and rat baiting. Therefore, it is obvious that the dog already has a significantly larger build than most other dogs. Still, if you think that you want to make your pit bull bigger, we certainly got you covered. Here are a few tips that can help you to make your pitbull dog muscular or beefed up.


Like human beings, if you want your dogs to gain muscle, you need to put their body into an anabolic muscle-building state. For that, you need to put your dog on a high-protein diet consisting of natural proteins, fruits, and vegetables that would help your dog to build muscle mass organically. One good source of organic protein is ground beef. However, be mindful of the dog’s body mass index or BMI so as to not overfeed it because then the dog might struggle with weight and would not be able to work out to strengthen those muscles. While selecting food for your bully, ensure the food contains Omega fatty acids, which would help the dog heal after extensive exercise sessions.

Weighted Exercise:  

Pitbulls are a breed that needs extensive exercise regimes to keep them in shape. Since these dogs were originally bred for dogfights, they need exercise for their physical as well as mental health. Otherwise, the dog can become temperamental due to a general lack of any sort of outlet. One very effective exercise that can help your dog gain weight is by using weighted vests or sled. This would make the dog more active. Try using fat-free treats to keep your dog motivated and pup’s weight in check. Moreover, using a spring pole is also a good way to keep your dog active because it would help the dog to train every major muscle group.


Like weighted training, cardio also plays a major role in the muscle-building process of your dog. Cardio exercises will help in the shredding stage of the whole process. High-intensity workout for your dog is an amazing way of making your dog a beast of an animal. Interval training includes periods of high-intensity exercise and then following up with a period of rest. Running and sprinting are some of the best intensity training. This would help keep your dog lean yet muscular.

Mental Health:  

Like human beings, mental health is also an important aspect when it comes to dogs. Since pitties are temperamental creatures, you need to make sure that they remain sufficiently active. Otherwise, they might feel cooped up and get agitated. This can have grave consequences since pit bulls are known for their extreme behavior. According to World Animal Foundation, pit bulls killed 36 Americans in 2018. The same report also claims that ‘72% of fatal dog attacks involving humans in 2018’, and ‘69% of those disfiguring and fatal attacks involved family members’. Therefore, managing your dog’s mental health is of utmost importance. Having a healthy mind would certainly enable your dog to gain weight and live a more fulfilling life.

Frequently asked questions:  

Now that you know the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of transforming your puppy into an absolute beefcake, let us review some of the frequently asked questions to try adding to the existing corpus of knowledge.

  • “What foods make pitbulls muscular?”: Active dogs usually benefit the most from a high-protein diet or real meat. A raw diet is an excellent alternative to dry kibbles. Providing organic protein would make the process more natural and safer for their health. Chicken or ground beef are great sources of organic protein.

  • “Can dogs eat raw eggs everyday?”: Eggs are an excellent source of protein for everyone, and yes, you can give raw eggs to your dog. However, keep two things in mind. Firstly, you should only feed your dog raw eggs twice or thrice a week and not more than that. Secondly, supplement your dog’s diet with other protein-based food for more effective muscle gain.

And that’s a wrap.    

Pitties are more misunderstood than usual, and the internet has played a major role. Even though there are cases of pit bulls losing their temperament, they are still not inherently vicious at all. But it does not mean they have to look cute instead of the badass beast they are.

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