Long Waiting Time at Salons: How to Reduce Them

Waiting in a long queue for long hours to get the hair done can be uncomfortable for the clients. Salons should consider investing in innovative technologies to combat such a situation. As a result, that would improve efficiency and, in turn, enhance employees’ productivity at the salon. That would also assist in better management of the salon.

The long waiting time affects the salon in many ways. For instance, the long waiting time to get the hair done can stress out the customers. Meanwhile, a stressful environment can potentially lower sales and productivity. For the employees, the long waiting time can create a hostile work environment as they have to work long hours to meet customer demand. They may also feel underappreciated by their employer.

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Nonetheless, there are a few strategies that you can adopt to avoid long waiting times at the salon. Let us discuss them in detail.

1. Scheduling software

You can use scheduling software to combat long waiting times at the salon. In a salon, customers usually get served on a first-come, first-serve basis. They will have to wait if anyone is getting their hair done. This sort of system will most likely increase the customers’ waiting time. That is why you can consider using scheduling software. Here is how using scheduling software can bring down the long waiting time for customers, and as a result, it reduces the stress on the employees.

Appointment scheduling software like Picktime reduces the long waiting time at the salon. The software digitalizes the scheduling system, thus making it much more accessible to customers and organizing them. For instance, potential customers can access your schedule anytime, 24/7. As free slots are available in the schedule, potential customers can schedule an appointment. That, as a result, reduces the long waiting. The software also sends automated reminders about salon appointments. The software also offers a dedicated booking page to ease 24/7 booking. You can also integrate payment gateways to receive partial and complete payments from customers.

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2. Have your employees trained

Employees at the forefront are the brand ambassadors of the business and play a crucial role in giving the best customer experience possible. Therefore, it is essential that you have them trained and equipped to manage the waiting customers. A well-trained employee can give the customer the best experience possible. Furthermore, they can communicate better with the waiting customers and turn a negative customer experience into a positive one.

3. Communication is key

Communication is vital, whether it is managing the customers or the team. If you improve your communication with the staff, they will know what to do and what you expect of them. As a result, they can perform their duties well. More often than not, you may have to cancel the scheduled appointment. Most customers are forgiving and will understand why you have to cancel the appointment. For instance, if there is a long waiting time at the salon, then you have to communicate the same with the customers. As a result, the customers would feel that you value their time.

4. Make a please area for waiting

When customers come to the salon, waiting has not been a pleasant experience. The customer experience begins with the movement the customer enters the salon. For instance, the reception area should be clean, and meanwhile, you also have to ensure the customers are comfortable chairs to sit on while waiting. Quite the contrary, a crowded and noisy waiting area can agitate the customers. That will hurt the customer experience.

You can also arrange some magazines and newspapers to entertain the customers in the waiting area.

5. Distract your customers in the waiting area

Waiting to get the hair done is boring, but you can turn that into an enjoyable experience. You can attempt to distract the customers in the waiting area. If the customers get preoccupied, they will not feel they have been waiting for a long time. You may organize the magazines or install a television in the waiting area. That will keep the customers distracted and entertained in the meantime. You can also arrange a small play area where the children can play. That will keep the children and the parents occupied.

6. Analyze the workflow

To improve the productivity and efficiency of employees, you have to analyze the workflow from time to time. Analyzing the workflow would assist you in identifying the redundant tasks in the workflow. You can then eliminate the redundant tasks in the workflow by automating them. As a result, that would improve the productivity and efficiency of the staff. The staff can focus on giving the customer the best possible experience.

To improve the workflow, you can ask for feedback from the customers. For instance, you can ask the customers whether they have felt any gaps in the service provided. That way, you will receive customer suggestions and work on improving the workflow to enhance the customer experience. A happy customer is vital for the success of the business.

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